Zong Number Check Code 2021 – How to Check Zong Sim Number

Zong Number Check Code 2021 – How to Check Zong Sim Number

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Have you ever had the experience of not remembering your Zong SIM number and worrying about it? As a result, there is no reason to be concerned about this issue as you may obtain your Zong number through the codes.

Many techniques to verify Zong's SIM card exist. You'll know your SIM number once you dial the following code and get it to display on your mobile phone screen.

Zong Number Check Code

Even if you're confused about the number, you can always double-check it with a balance of zero. It's unnecessary to use your phone's balance to verify your Zong sim number.

Zong number checking is the main topic of this article. We'll explore many approaches for it. It is possible to find out about the Zong sim number by utilising simple and straightforward ways.

Method No.1: Zong Number Checking Code : *8#

To verify your Zong sim, use this method: dial *8# on your smartphone. Once you finish dialling, you'll be able to see your SIM number on your phone's screen.

This is the simplest way to check the sim number on your Zong. Dial *8# on your mobile phone to receive your Zong sim.

The procedure is quite easy to recall and for the customers to find Zong sim numbers that were lost. You merely have to press *8# on your phone to do this. After this, your hitherto missing Zong SIM number will show up on your cell phone's screen.

The process we are talking about can be quickly explained using the following paragraphs:

  • Open mobile dialer
  • Dial code *8#
  • A Zong number will appear on the screen of your mobile phone that is your number

Method No.2: Code: *100#

Additionally, it's quite simple. To activate your account, all you have to do is dial *100# on your phone's dialer. Next, you'll see your Zong number go up on your phone's screen.

In order to find out Zong's *100# code, which is the procedure for Zong's forgotten number, you have to recall the number itself. Simply dial this number on your mobile phone, and your Zong number will appear on your screen.

To double-check your Zong phone's code, enter *100#. You can use this code to locate your lost Zong phone number.

Method 2 can be described in one sentence as follows:

  • First, open your mobile dialer
  • Second, dial *100# code to check Zong sim number
  • Third, your Zong sim number will appear on your mobile screen.


Method No.3: Code: *2#

*2# will get you your sim number in Zong. Method 3, the simplest of the three to ascertain the sim number of Zong corporation, is similarly easy to evaluate.

To learn a forgotten Zong sim number, option three is straightforward. Just dial #2 in your phone. You can locate your Zong number on your cell phone's screen.

To ensure the proper Zong number, there are three ways to verify: *2#, the second way. You'll be able to find your Zong number in a flash using this code.

The third method of checking Zong number codes is given as follows:

  • Open mobile dialer in your mobile phone
  • Simply dial *2#
  • Your forgotten Zong sim number will come on the screen of your mobile


Method No.4: MNP to 667

A fourth way to check Zong numbers is totally different from the three we've covered. This way of using your mobile phone does not require you to dial any numbers.

When you want to send a message on 667, all you have to do is type MNP and then enter your message. You will get your Zong sim number through a message after that.

Here are the following lines describing the Zong number check, number 4 method:

  • Firstly, open the messages app on your mobile phone
  • Secondly, type “MNP” in the write message section of your mobile phone
  • Thirdly, send it to 667 number


This information will arrive on your cell phone in a message after following the steps above.

  • Zong sim number
  • Name of the owner of sim number
  • CNIC number of the owner of sim number
  • Address of the owner


Method No.5: PTA Website

Visit the PTA's website to use this technique to check your Zong sim number.

The clients can also check their SIM numbers via PTA's online system.

Method 5 of the process for verifying Zong number is also detailed below:

click here : https://cnic.sims.pk/

Your valid CNIC number is needed. Please fill up the space with it.

The details of your number will be known.


Method No.6: Zong helpline number 310

Dialing Zong helpline number 310 is all you need to do in this approach. You need to share the details that the agent requests with them, after which they will let you know about your sim number.

To talk to a Zong agent, dial 310. Let the agent know what's important. Then, the agent will provide details on a few items like the following:

  • Zong sim number
  • Sim owner
  • Number registered address


Method No.7: Zong number check code: Phone settings

Additionally, your sim number can be found in your mobile settings. To put it plainly, the technique is .

  • Open “Settings” on your mobile phone
  • Then, go for the “About Phone” option on your mobile
  • After that, go into the option of “Systems”
  • Then go for the “Status” option
  • Then follow the option of “Sim Status”
  • Now go for the “ My Phone Number” option on your mobile
  • Then your Zong sim number will appear on the screen of your mobile phone



Finally, the procedures listed above are required to find the Zong sim number. These procedures are really straightforward.

Now all you have to do is call the code *8# to display your Zong number on your mobile phone. If it doesn't work, then dial *100#.

The final check number for Zong SIMs is *2#. To view your Zong SIM number on your mobile phone, just dial *2# on your cell phone.

Forgot your Zong number? Call Zong customer service at 310 for assistance. The Zong sim number may be located in cellphone settings

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