Youtube Shorts easy way to get Subscribers and Views

Youtube Shorts easy way to get Subscribers and Views

YouTube shorts are the fastest approach to get popularity in a short period of time. Through shorter videos, you can gain a lot of fame, views, and subscribers in a single day. Therefore, daily upload three or more short videos with incredible content. I'll show you an example from my own channel, where one of my short videos received over 200k views and over 550 subscribers in just one day.

Legend Riyan youtube channel

Legend Riyan youtube channel

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#Shorts Content Selection:

However, this is the most outstanding and significant part of your popularity. Therefore, you must clear your thoughts by asking yourself the following questions and writing down your responses.

1. what is the type of content you want to create?

2. Who is your audience?

3. Are you doing it as well as doing others?

Therefore, choose your content type first. Nowadays, the most popular YouTube channel ideas are as follows:

1. Gaming Youtube channels (Subscribe to my gaming channel Legend Riyan)

2. Food Recipes / Street Foods Youtube Channels

3. Daily Routine Youtube Channels

4. Vlogs Youtube Channels

5. Education Youtube Channels


YouTube Shorts are a type of video that the site offers as a service. While it is still in the testing stage, it should be available in its entirety across the globe shortly. Here are some details regarding this video-on-demand service.

Facts about YouTube Shorts

The brevity is a 15-second video uploaded by any user. It is currently in beta testing and can be developed on Android smartphones. Users can combine multiple video segments with music. Music can be selected from a collection and sped up or slowed down. A stopwatch and timer serve as a visual indicator of the user's progress.

Shorts will be available on iOS devices in the near future. On their tablets and smartphones, users may watch videos. Due to its mobile-first design, it may be inaccessible to PC users.

To view a YouTube Shorts video, visit the YouTube homepage. You can quickly access all of the platform's content. On your homepage, look for the icon.

It's never been easier to create a short video. Look for the icon in your app and then select the create option. You can begin by creating your video and then adding content. It's simple to add music and stay inside the 15-second limit.

Even if you do not have access to the Shorts camera capability, you can still upload existing footage under a minute in length. Utilize the hashtag #Shorts to ensure that it gets categorised correctly.

How to Increase the Number of YouTube Views

Now that you understand how YouTube Shorts are made, the following step is to determine how to increase your channel's views.

Strong foundation: If you intend to begin creating and uploading films on YouTube, ensure that you have a firm handle on the fundamentals. There is a wealth of information available on how to create an account and enhance your profile.

Establish a niche: In order to maximize your marketing plan and increase your YouTube views, you must first decide on a specialty. You must develop an original method of presenting facts about your subject of interest. Provide as much detail as possible.

YouTube is also an excellent search engine. If you're interested in learning more about optimizing your videos and expanding your audience, YouTube can assist you. Simply enter the appropriate keywords and retrieve the information you require.

Utilize the appropriate metadata: You can examine metadata and the work of your competitors to determine how they arranged their work. YouTube prefers to keep viewers on the platform for an extended period of time, which they accomplish through the use of relevant subjects and videos. Utilize the most precise metadata possible to increase traffic to your channel.

Create playlists: Creating playlists enables people to see your videos sequentially. This reduces the likelihood that they will move on to other videos.

Using the appropriate tools to direct traffic: Apart from playlists, the only tools provided to film developers are end screens and cards. Consider how you may utilize these to maintain traffic on your channel.

Establish a connection with your audience: Over the last five years, an increasing number of viewers have begun to follow certain video artists. You may interact with other YouTube creators to increase your subscriber count. Actively engage your audience and keep them interested in new information.

Increasing your subscription base can be difficult considering the abundance of available material. YouTube Shorts can be used as teasers to build a new base. With a little research and effort, you may succeed in growing your YouTube views and being relevant.

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