WhatsApp Vehicle Tracking — Falcon-i Revolutionizes Fleet Management

WhatsApp Vehicle Tracking — Falcon-i Revolutionizes Fleet Management


The Pakistani satellite and fleet business should expect good growth in the future, largely as a result of rapid growth in car pricing, inadequate law enforcement and the security concerns that persist in Pakistan.

While more people seek reliable security against car thefts and other safety hazards, large companies are now using fleet management systems to monitor their vehicle fleets' performance.

The purpose is to increase fuel efficiency and minimise the operating and maintenance costs of their cars, as well as to assess their transport workers' efficiency in real time.

Recently, Falcon-i, Pakistan's largest vehicle tracking and fleet management firm, presented an innovative solution. Falcon-i has now developed a new 'WhatsApp for Business' channel in Pakistan beside delivering unparalleled management and connectivity through the 'Internet-of-Things' (IoT).

The confluence of intelligent technology enables customers to monitor the movement and safety of their cars with four powerful features, including live tracking, chat support and product details/brochures, as well as the answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs).

With innovation and customer focus as its top priority, Falcon-i has grown tremendously by gaining the trust of 170,000 individual clients and 200 corporations to secure and monitor assets worth over $2 billion.

"We [customers] are here because of them, thus we always think first about customers. As more and more engagement avenues become available, we are committed to delivering beyond client expectations. We are committed to doing everything to achieve a strong balance between technology and customer experience," says Khalid B. Wyne, Marketing and Customer Experience Director of Falcon-

Founded in 2003, Falcon-i has shown to provide consumers with full control over car speed, fuel consumption, cold chain temperature, engine heat, door locks, panic warnings, driver identity, and many more services based on a custom application.

It also offers various facilities such as geo-fencing, vehicle telematics, driver security, logistics optimizer, smart farming management, etc., depending on customers' requirements. Effective monitoring & analytical reports are supplied to users promptly via custom web portals or the Falcon-i app.

Instant customer response 24 hours a day makes it so popular among customers. These solutions ensure the safety and efficiency of large-scale industry and institution logistical operations.

Its services are supported by worldwide giants such as VMWare, Avaya, Lenovo, Oracle, Kaspersky, Juniper Networks, Cybernet, Telenor, HP infrastructure, Office 365 Cloud-Power, Jazz, CISCO and so on.

Falcon-i earned the Best Intellectual Property award in 2020, with the most advanced solutions and statewide coverage, and was also awarded as 'Brand of the Year' and 'Pakistan Brand Icon' in 2019.

Its solutions provide vital information and transparency on use of vehicles and diagnosis, improving drivers and the fleet's performance to avert multiple dangers to customers' lives and assets in order to accelerate customer growth.

For further details, send a message to Falcon-i through WhatsApp by telephone: 021-111-007-333.

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