Whatsapp Plus the Hidden Features:

Whatsapp Plus the Hidden Features:

You may find Whatsapp and Whatsapp Business in Playstore but Whatsapp Plus, GB WhatsApp, and OG Whatsapp you'll find in App Store for the android version. For the sake of this text, we'll be using only GB WhatsApp (WhatsApp Plus, GB WhatsApp, and OG WhatsApp are all made by an equivalent person, contains same contents and features and updated same time so whatever I write for GB WhatsApp applies to the opposite two apps, and that I can also use them interchangeably).

You can use all three alongside your regular WhatsApp from Playstore if you've got multiple WhatsApp Accounts (I use WhatsApp Plus and WhatsApp as I even have two accounts). WhatsApp Plus maybe a modified version of WhatsApp that provides us access to a lot of cool features that WhatsApp doesn’t have.

The cool a part of it, GB WhatsApp has an improved three-dot menu, and a few of the features include; Always Online, Auto Reply, Anti-Revoke, Scheduled Text, Toast etcetera. If you're using WhatsApp, you'll check our previous article on WhatsApp tips and tricks you ought to know.

1. activate don't Disturb (DND)

If you would like to use the web and don’t want any WhatsApp message to return in, you'll activate the don't Disturb feature to prevent messages from coming in. This feature prevents WhatsApp from getting Internet access. you'll also not be ready to send any message till you disable it.

2. Hide A Contact

GB WhatsApp allows you to cover contacts you chat with to stay them as secrets. to cover a contact on GB WhatsApp, on the chat tab,

tap and hold the contact(s) you would like to cover so that it (they) would be selected

tap the three-dot menu

tap hide

input your unlock pattern

set recovery question

and the contacts would be hidden in your name (or WhatsApp within the title bar)

3.To Copy/Download Status

GB WhatsApp allows users to repeat text status and download image/video status. to repeat or download a standing, attend the Status tab, open the status, hit the three-dot menu at the highest right, and tap copy or download.

4.Lock Chat

GB WhatsApp also allows you to make a customized lock for a talk. allow us to say you're chatting with a business partner or somebody else and therefore the information is sensitive, you'll lock the chat with a passcode to stop unauthorized access.

5.Search and send web images directly from a talk

This feature allows you to quickly search the online for a picture and send it on to the person you're chatting with. It saves time as you don’t need to open the phone’s browser to look at google images.

6.View Status As List

This option arranges all of your contacts status videos and pictures and presents them during a sorted list where you'll view and download them easily. to try to do this, attend the Status tab, tap the three-dot menu at the highest right, tap view statuses as a list.

7.Anti – Revoke Message

Ever since WhatsApp brought the delete for everybody feature, many of us have deleted messages they sent, and WhatsApp isn't helping by leaving the message deleted label.


8.Schedule A Message


Don’t want to forget that friend’s birthday? got to send a message by 1 AM? got to check a lover or something? GB WhatsApp schedule feature allows you to line a time to send a custom message to a contact.


9.Auto Reply A Message

This feature is beneficial for people running a business account on WhatsApp. The auto-reply message is often wont to reply to all or any messages, ignore specific contacts or certain messages. for instance, it is often configured to auto-reply any message that contains the words “hello”, “help” etcetera.

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