What is the best phone to take on a trip? The Master Edition of the Realme GT

What is the best phone to take on a trip? The Master Edition of the Realme GT

Realme gt

It's snowing everywhere, and aren't we all itching to get in the car or on a plane and head to our preferred winter destination? When the urge to travel strikes, we need to be prepared with the best travel companion – an eye-catching smartphone that can capture breathtaking images.

It's been said that appearances can be deadly, but this smartphone proves that theory wrong with its sleek design and solid build quality. Not to mention, aren't we sick of seeing gradient patterns and plain back covers everywhere?

Eyes will be drawn to the realme GT Master Edition. At launch, it was the most affordable 5G premium smartphone on the market, and it took the market by storm. Even before it arrived in Pakistan, this phone had everyone gripped with excitement. Nevertheless, it is also not surprising because this feature-rich phone combines cutting-edge technology with innovative design to create a true marvel of technological excellence and the extent of human creativity.

Naoto Fukasawa's Super Slim Vegan Leather Design

When you first look at it, you'll notice that it has a unique design inspired by a profound philosophy and realme's commitment to raising the bar in technological innovation and creative design. Naoto Fukasawa, the award-winning industrial designer behind realme GT Master Edition, drew inspiration for the look of the car from a vintage travel suitcase. At the same time, the phone's suitcase design encourages users to travel and discover new places, while also positioning the handset as the ideal travel companion, combining the functions of a powerful camera, play station, and phone.

A mere 8 millimetres thick, the phone is ultra-sleek and lightweight. A horizontal gradient design, combined with the latest stacking structure process and compact components, makes realme a remarkably durable device despite its small size and weight.

Its Vegan Leatherback material is gentle on the skin and provides a plush, velvety feel even after prolonged use. realme uses a groundbreaking 3D injection moulding and hot pressing process to create environmentally friendly Vegan leather.

To keep things simple and uncluttered, the low-saturation grey colour was chosen for the background. There is a Daybreak Blue metallic body option for the phone as well. Designed in this way, it emits holographic colours from various angles.

The iF Design Award

Users and critics alike are appreciating the ingenuity that went into this design. The realme GT Master Edition has won the iF Design Award 2021 for its futuristic yet minimalistic design thanks to Naoto Fukasawa's creative genius.

The realme GT Master Edition has set a new standard for creative design, which had previously been overlooked. By doing so, realme has opened the door to an infinite number of possibilities.


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