Weirdest Food Trends Of Pakistan 2021 That Will Make Your Jaw Drop

Weirdest Food Trends Of Pakistan 2021 That Will Make Your Jaw Drop:

With all of the surprises in store for us in 2021, there are a few cuisine trends that are completely unexpected.
Mankind never fails to disappoint when it comes to mixing and matching. Because they entail the exploitation of your favourite meals, the strangest culinary trends of 2021 may even be offensive to some individuals.
This post is not for the faint of heart, nor for those who are hypersensitive to food.
If you feel like puking while reading this post, it's absolutely understandable, and we sympathise with you. The 9 strangest culinary trends for 2021 are listed below. Continue reading to learn more about what we humans are capable of, as well as some of the most bizarre tastes that some people have the audacity to like!

1. Maggi Milkshake

We all enjoy the flavour of Maggi and Milkshake on their own, but have you ever considered the havoc that these two ingredients might cause when combined?

Well, you won't have to wonder much longer because Maggi Milkshake was invented, and it's honestly horrible to look at. A milkshake glass is topped with cooked Maggi in the photo shared on social media for this milkshake. I will not recommend doing this at home because just imagining the flavour of this beverage will be enough to damage your brain.

2. Oreo & Ice Cream Maggi

Oreo & Ice Cream Maggi is another strange food trend that we spotted on the internet in 2021.
People were critical of the food blogger who provided the Oreo & Ice Cream Maggi dish. You'll want to puke just thinking about the flavour and feel of this food combination. If we're being honest, there's no reason to combine the salty, hot Maggi with our beloved desserts and permanently spoil both of these dishes.

3. Strawberry Biriyani

I understand what you're thinking. With biriyani, there are no EXPERIMENTS! However, the cuisine trends for 2021 will put your patience to the test. Saad tweeted an image of Strawberry Biriyani with the hashtag "Strawbiriyani" in an attempt to pique the interest of desi biriyani fans, which he did. A wok of cooked biriyani with entire strawberries is shown in the photo. Please spare your taste buds the agony of picturing the flavour of this biriyani. The founders and admirers of biriyani may even die of shock at this betrayal of the nation's most adored dish.

4. Maggi Laddus

Another experiment with Maggi is about to begin. Until now, the 2 minute noodles have been subjected to a great deal of unfair treatment, but there is more to come. Maggi laddus are cooked Maggi balls with cashew nuts on top. Otherwise, why this barbarism? Whoever came up with this idea obviously has a lot of contempt for Maggi and laddus. The photo of Maggi laddus that was published on the internet will leave you speechless and remind you of the cruelty that exists in our world.

5. Rasgulla Chaat

If you like mithai, brace yourself for this Rasgulla Chaat will test your resolve. The traditional sweet is presented in the form of a chaat. Chaat is known for its tanginess and saltiness, whereas Rasgulla is the polar opposite.
When both of these things are combined, you have an outlandish combination that some people think is worth trying. Any rational individual would rather go hungry than try this bizarre concoction.

6. Butter Chicken Gol Gappa

Butter Chicken Gol Gappa has the potential to kill the foodie in you since it is the strangest cuisine craze imaginable. When consumed in their natural state, butter chicken and gol gappas are both wonderful dishes.
It's hard to fathom why someone would want to combine these two to create the most bizarre food craze ever.
Even a smidgeon of food adoration could have deterred him from perpetrating such a heinous crime!

7. Jalebi Chaat

Another injustice done to chaat and mithai, Jalebi Chaat will make you question the sanity of the creator of this dish. As the picture shows traditional, perfect jalebis are topped with yogurt and spices and combined with ingredients like onions. Who in their right mind would create this and eat this? Let’s just take it as one of the most ridiculous surprises that this year had in store for us.

8. Oreo & Ice Cream Samosa

Let me just prove you incorrect if you think you've read the worst conceivable combos. Here's another one of 2021's strangest culinary trends that can make you cry. Oreo, ice cream, and samosa are three sweets for which we have strong feelings, but this year showed no compassion. Someone had the audacity to stuff Oreos and ice cream into the crispy samosas, and it's terrifying to look at.



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