Trendy hairstyles in 2020

Trendy hairstyles in 2020

Before we launch into the top trendy hairstyles of upcoming year 2020, let's take a walk down the lane of 2019.

Last year all the hairstyles were functional as they were chic. From High ponytails to low and center parts and Carrie Bradshaw hair. Last year it was all about focusing on natural hair texture and health and colors like warm and cool toned shaded were in.

For upcoming hairstyle trends, we decided to go to the source, asking. The top celebrity hairstylists. There answers were of course surprising.

1) Short haircuts will be trending.

Short haircuts will be super popular in 2020.

Celebrity hairstylist like Harry Josh, he specifically points to Kaia Gerber and karlie kloss as both women are currently sporting super chic and super short styles.

Short haircuts will be trending.


2) Bob haircut

if there is one short hair trend then definitely it will bob cut .Nicole Casamassima , hairstylist at the Nexxus salon New York says that " women want more versatility and can easily get a sleek bob cut with the right length for their face or if it is cut to hit the collarbone length, one can add tousled texture for a more casual look.

Bob haircut

3) Showing off the natural hair texture

Natural hair texture will be a big topic in 2020 instead of super_sleek we will be going to see more natural hair texture. Whatever your hair texture it , embrace it for 2020, it will be more trendy.

 Showing off the natural hair texture

4) Modern shag Haircut

A known hairstylist, Stretcher says that the modern shag haircut will be everywhere trending, this makes a sense because it corporate that tousled natural hair texture we were talking about earlier.

One can try modern shag with few layers but cut so there will be more than one length. She added that Create texture in the haircuts you did, by styling with R+Co soft spray beautiful texture and hold will be rocking in 2020.

Modern shag Haircut

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