Transgender rights in Pakistan

Transgender, rights in Pakistan 

it is a separate term that describe people whose gender identity or their appearance or expression doesn't match the same  sex they were assigned once at their birth, they are consider to be the third gender. A transgender may be identified as a woman despite him has been born with male genitalia.

They are with somewhat little differences from others but are more alike to others. Due to some physical changes, they shouldn't be considering total different beings.                Transgender                                                                         

Basic rights:

Pakistan Parliament has passed out a separate law, which guaranteed the basic rights for transgender citizens of Pakistan Supreme Court of Pakistan takes some necessary measures for them which are given below

  • Gender identity:

The most important right which is given by government of Pakistan is the fundamental right of gender identity. Any discrimination on the basis of gender should be prohibited.

  • Right to health:

Unfair treatment, denial or discontinuation, healthcare service is prohibited under the section 4(d). In short, they get access to all psychological and medical gender corrective treatment.

  • Right to education:

Under the article 25-A of the constitution and under section 8, prohibit any discrimination against transgender in acquiring admission in any educational institutions.

  • Right to employability:

Social discrimination in employment is one of the main factors of involvement of the transgender. The right to employability guaranteed under sec 9.

  • Right to inheritance and property:

Under section 7, the law of inheritance as per the gender declared on their CNIC. Determination of their share will also lay down under the same section.

These laws accord the citizens the right that they would consider as rightful persons and would be identified as males, females or blend of both genders. They would be given the right to be officially registered on all the official documents including, National identity cards, passports, driving license and other official certifications.  They have given the right of self-identification , and the right to express their gender as they wish and want to express, they have given the right to express or display that particular gender ,they have assigned at their birth or not.

India ran, veteran  transgender activist once told Al-Jazeera about this new bill passed that I told that this would never be achieved in my life ,but I feel fortunate that I have seen this bill passed in my life , she told that we have been fighting for the next transgender generation but this new bill made it easy now.

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