Top 10 PUBG Players in Pakistan

Top 10 PUBG Players in Pakistan

We're going to talk about Pakistan's Top 10 PUBG Players in this article.

There is a rapidly expanding Pakistani PUBG Mobile Community, as you may be aware. New players are joining on a daily basis. Some talented Pakistani PUBG Players recently competed in PUBG Mobile Official Leagues and did exceptionally well, as you may be aware. As a result, nowadays, virtually everyone has launched a YouTube channel on which to display their impressive talents.

In recent years, esports organizations have begun to recruit players from other countries, including Pakistan. We know PUBG Mobile is a rapidly growing game, particularly in the Asia Pacific region. As of now, it has around 800 million users. It was released in 2018.

PUBG Mobile is the world's fifth most popular game. PUBG Mobile is expected to bring in $1.5 billion this year (2021).

Pakistan's Top PUBG Players

Pakistan's top 10 PUBG Mobile players can be found below

• Star Anonymous 

Pubg Star Anonymous

Star Anonymous

Pakistan's most well-known PUBG Mobile player is Star Anonymous. Among Pakistani players, he has the most subscribers from all corners of the country. Mubeen is his real name, and he currently resides in Rawalpindi, Pakistan. In 2017, he launched a YouTube channel. He uses an iPad to play PUBG Mobile. Star Anonymous is a member of a group called Anonymous. STAR is his online alias.

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Predator Pubg

Predator is a well-known and respected PUBG Mobile player from Pakistan. He'd taken part in PUBG Mobile Leagues before that, too. He's a seasoned competitor with a lot of skill. There is a man in Peshawar by the name of Zubair Khan who is the subject of this story. He is Pakistan's No. 2 PUBG Mobile Star. On YouTube, he has a following of about 400k people. He is the Leader of the Fyme Clan and goes by the PUBG Clan Name Fame.

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• Legend Sam

Legend Sam

The third most well-known Pakistani PUBG Mobile player is Legend Sam. His TikTok videos are the first to feature PUBG gameplay. Sam Malik is his actual name. Playing PUBG Mobile on an iPhone 12 Pro Max is his go-to activity right now. He is a Pakistani citizen and currently resides in Islamabad. About 150k people follow him on YouTube, where he started his channel in 2018. Legend Clan is one of Pakistan's most well-known PUBG Mobile teams. For Legend Clan, Sam is the de facto leader. Legend Clan is a well-known Pakistani clan and one of the best.

47 Khalifa

47 Khalifa

In Pakistan, 47 Khalifa is well-known for his PUBG Mobile prowess. He's a master of the sniper rifle. On his Youtube channel, he mainly uploads 1 vs 1 TDM battles. Peshawar, Pakistan, is home to Osama Qayyum, who goes by that given name. He uses an iPhone XR to play PUBG Mobile. He is the leader of 47 Clan and has more than 200 thousand subscribers on YouTube.

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Cute Panda

Cute Panda

A well-known Pakistani PUBG Tik Toker and YouTuber, Cute Panda is known as Cute Panda. He's 11 and lives in Karachi with his parents. Cute Panda is Pakistan's most promising young basketball talent. was made famous by Tik Tok. In addition, he has recently launched a gaming channel on YouTube. On Youtube, he has around 300,000 followers. He uses an iPad to play PUBG Mobile. The 2nd Roar Clan is led by Cute Panda.

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Mr Jay Plays

Mr jay plays

Streamer and gamer Mr Jay Plays hail from Pakistan. He goes by Jahanzaib in real life. He's a British citizen who lives in London. In 2012, he started a Youtube channel for himself. Since then, he's grown his following on YouTube to around 200k people. He uses a PC to play PUBG Mobile. He's a member of his own family. Raptor is the PUBG Clan name of Mr Jay Plays. In Pakistan, the Raptor clan is well-known. The two of them get along like clockwork.

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• Envy Plays

Envy Plays

Envy Plays is a Pakistani PUBG Tik Toker. He's verified on TikTok and has over a million followers. In the hashtag #pubgpakistan, he's at the top with the Most Famous Pubg TikTok Video. On TikTok, his most popular video has racked up over 25 million views and 2.8 million likes to date. The only other Pakistani PUBG Creator who has as many Likes on a single video is Aamir Khan.

the tiktok id for Envy Plays is


Solo King

Solo King

Pakistani PUBG Mobile player Solo King is well-known. Jawad Ali is his real name. He's originally from Pakistan but now resides in the United Kingdom with his girlfriend. On TikTok, Solo King has accumulated a following of about 600,000 people. He uses the iPhone 11 Pro Max to play PUBG Mobile. SOLOGAMING is the name of Solo King's PUBG clan, and he is the clan's leader.

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Doctor Pikachu 

Doctor pikachu

Pakistani Girl Streamer Doctor Pikachu is the most well-known. Around 230k people watch his videos on YouTube. She goes by Syeda Mariyam in real life. The place where she currently resides is Lahore. She uses an iPhone 8 Plus to play PUBG Mobile. Doctorz is the name of her clan, and she is the clan's leader. She is Pakistan's most well-known female PUBG player.

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• Ahmad OP

Ahmad OP

Ahmad Op is a well-known PUBG Mobile player from Pakistan. Legend Ahmad is the moniker given to him. He uses an iPad to play PUBG Mobile. He recently began playing on his smartphone as well. Ahmad Rana, the real-life Ahmad, is the man behind the legend. He is a Pakistani citizen and resides in Lahore. Around 300k people have subscribed to his YouTube channel since it launched in 2018. In the beginning, Ahmad Op was a member of Legend Officials. Legend Esports is the name of his team.

PUBG Legendary Player Ahmad Rana


Sp Joker 

SP Joker

In Pakistan, SP Joker is well-known for his PUBG Mobile prowess. Malik Ahmad is his actual name. Sargodha is where he currently resides. He has a YouTube following of about 120k people and uploads gameplay and crate opening videos. He also has a blog. Leader of SP Esports, SP Joker is a well-known character. The Pakistani PUBG Mobile team SP Esports is well-known. He took first place in FPP Asia's Crew Challenge S10. He uses the iPhone 11 Pro Max to play PUBG Mobile.

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