The percentage of Windows users that have upgraded to Windows 11 is just 0.11%

The percentage of Windows users that have upgraded to Windows 11 is just 0.11%

After months of speculation, Microsoft finally released Windows 11 last month. Redesigned UI, more widgets, and a revamped Microsoft Store are just a few of the new features of Windows 8. Those who already have Windows 10 computers may simply update to it. The number of people who have updated to the new version after a month of its release is insignificant. Only 0.21 percent of Windows users have updated to Windows 11, according to a new research by Lansweeper.


Even though the new operating system is free, the results of a 10 million PC survey by IT asset management firm Lansweeper show that it has a 0.21 percent market share. Results came as a surprise to some who had expected to see Windows 11 take fifth place.


It's hilarious that more PCs are still running Windows XP (3.62 percent) than Windows 7, which has 5.98 percent of users, and Windows 8, which has 4.86 percent of users. In the face of these numbers, it's hard to be hopeful that people will embrace the new version.


When it comes to PC upgrades, why aren't people doing it? Perhaps it's because of the new operating system's problems and performance concerns, as AMD laptops found last month. Is it possible that the users prefer the version they already have? The new update is going to put them out of their comfort zone.


Those who use PCs are well aware of the fact that they are avoiding the upgrade. Enterprises, on the other hand, may not implement the update for at least a year or longer.

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