The legal battle has been lost by Apple and Epic Games

The legal battle has been lost by Apple and Epic Games


The legal battle between Apple and Epic Games has finally ended with major losses on both sides. Epic Games won part of the struggle, but not without a hit.

According to the court's ruling, Apple has been banned from keeping iPhone customers out of the question of alternative payment options. Instead of having Apple fees paid in the App Store, third-party developers should remain in their own payment systems in their apps.


Epic Games, for infusing its own payment mechanism in Fortnite, was fined to avoid Apple tax. Epic Games has violated its Apple contract and is subject to a penalty. A move to provoke the whole litigation was not all right.

Apple cancelled Epic's App Store developer account in violation of the contract. The court has confirmed that Apple is fully entitled to keep Epic from the App Store.

Apple will be forced to pay almost $3.6 million in damages to Epic Games. This is because Epic made approximately $ 12.2 million after the injection into Fortnite of its own payment system and the court concluded that Apple should be taxed 30% by Apple.

The millions of dollars pale compared to the billions Apple will lose because of the introduction of third party payment methods.

Of course, the fight ended with a compromise on both sides and no one won.

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