Telegram Users Can Live Stream with Unlimited Viewers

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One of the most popular features on social media is live streaming, which is offered by services like Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, and Instagram. On its eighth birthday, Telegram released this feature in its app. The new live stream feature comes with Telegram 8.0. This function allows the app to become a kind of radio and TV station. According to the firm, the announcement read.

Telegram Users Can Live Stream with Unlimited Viewers

The latest version contains a feature to disguise the original sender's name and remove captions from media. Without having to return to the chat list, users may quickly navigate between channels and read through them. Telegram added a new animated emoji set to their stickers panel, as well as a newly-refined sticker board.

On top of that, Telegram users may experiment with and even adjust the how their message appears to others with personalisation options. Additionally, people can use the app to conceal the sender's name and to conceal captions on photos and other media messages. In case they make a mistake, they can fix it by selecting the message they want to send and deciding which chat group they want to send it to.

The option to scroll through a user's favourite channels without leaving the chat list has also been included in Telegram. When there are folders in the chat list or archives, the app will respect the user's setup. Users' folders will appear first, then each folder will be sorted by conversation. Finally, all open chats and the archives will appear.

Recently, Telegram (known for its free encrypted messaging app) has upgraded its group video calling function to allow up to 1,000 participants to join a group video call. As far as Telegram is concerned, the target is to bring the number of video calls up to a total of "one group call where all humans on Earth can join". And with the new update, you can now speed up movies shared via Telegram with three different settings: 0.5X, 1.5X, and 2.0X. Androids will be able to support 0.2X-speed printing.

Teleram gives you the ability to display your screen and audio at the same time. The update comes with a new feature that will automatically erase files. After one month, your messages will be deleted. In the new version, you may now do some neat and impressive drawing before you email photographs to friends or other people.

 In addition to making adjustments to the user interface, Telegram is also making a variety of UI improvements. Animated backdrops are featured for the first time in a messaging app, and the functionality for them is available now. Through the options, you can pick any colours and patterns you like. Telegram believes these will have little resource consumption and won't slow down your computer's performance. Animated backgrounds can be shared as well, even if produced by the user.



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