‘Tearless’ Onions To Go On Sale In The UK For The First Time

‘Tearless’ Onions To Go On Sale In The UK For The First Time:

Waitrose, a British online grocery retailer, will be the first to introduce a new sort of onion called Sunion, which will not make cooks cry. Sunion is an all-natural onion variety that gets sweeter with each passing day. The ability of Sunion onions to generate tears when chopped is what sets them apart from other types of onions.
These Sunion onions are ideal for those with sensitive eyes or when cooking with kids. They'll be perfect for a salad because they're tearless and have a mellow, sweet flavour.

"We appreciate how difficult peeling tearless onions is for our customers, which is why we're happy to launch Sunions in selected shops and via Waitrose.com from January 18," said Paul Bidwell, Waitrose's Onion Buyer. "Ideal for removing the tears from the kitchen, the sweetness of this species of onion lends itself wonderfully to a variety of dishes, from salads to hot meals," he said of Sunion's attributes.

Tearless Onion: An All-Natural Breed

These onions were created by Rick Watson, a plant breeder for the German chemical company BASF.
In the late 1980s, he began developing this one-of-a-kind type. According to the firm, these onions are the outcome of all-natural cross-breeding processes rather than genetic alteration.
It took more than 30 years of breading less fragrant onion varietals to find such "tearless" onions, according to the brand. The goal was to find a type where the fumes emitted when chopping aren't strong enough to induce tears to build up in the eyes. As a result, the chemicals contained in Sunion produce a flavourless, sweet, and mild onion.By the end of the month, Waitrose will have these Tearless onions in stock. Sunions, on the other hand, are not cheap; a three-pack costs £1.50, which is 30p more than a four-pack of Waitrose's own-brand onions.


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