Talks about YouTube as a profession by Arsalan Naseer

Talks about YouTube as a profession by Arsalan Naseer

Arsalan Naseer is a popular content creator who follows YouTube and Facebook with a major fan. For more than a decade, he has created content. The famous YouTuber has lately acted with Chupke Chupke and has won a tremendous success.

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Arsalan featured recently in the show of Ahsan Khan. Ahsan was encouraged and stated that he was really talented by Arsalan's work; Ahsan also requested YouTube for a career.

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TO the issue of making money on Youtube Ahsan asked, "You made money through YouTube, Arsalan?"

Arsalan answered in response to this inquiry, "You can make money from wherever"

Arslan naseer youtuber

Ahsan told him explicitly that if you can get proper money from YouTube, as a lot of people only make social media money, which is fantastic that social media has never before created so many avenues. Again, he inquired according to facts if it may be a respectable way of earning?

Arslan naseer youtuber

Speak about it Arsalan added that if you simply worry about money making as the bad information grows more swiftly, your thinking process will constantly be damaged. He also claimed that generating money would only make you fall down to sensational content that matches the prior views. He claimed one has to come with hype to match prior videos, but he said that a career may also certainly be chosen to earn a lot of money considering where followers and views originate from, e.g. when you have views from the United States, you can earn a lot more than Pakistan.

Ayemen Saleem said she talked to him in detail and sure you may get money through YouTube.


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