Stop violence against Women

Stop violence against Women

Violence against women and girls may be a grave violation of human rights. Occurring publicly and personal places, it's many forms, starting from domestic and intimate partner violence to harassment and assault, trafficking, sexual violence and gender-related killing. 

Pakistan has several laws and policies against various sorts of violence. Challenges remain however in implementing these measures. many ladies still lack access to free or affordable essential services in sectors like health, police, justice and social support to make sure their safety, protection and recovery. Not enough is completed to stop violence, which is that the most challenging but also effective thanks to eliminate violence during a sustainable way.

Violence against women is a major and serious public health problem, which is rooted in gender inequality. It is a gross violation of millions of women and girls' rights. To end up the violence against women a framework with info graphics, aiming to prevent the violence against women and girls is _RESPECT_

In the year 2015, a framework for policymakers based on UN framework to prevent violence against women was developed and is updated yet.

WHO with UN women together, with OHCHR, UNDP, UNFPA, UNODC, SIDA, USAID and World Bank group has developed a framework RESPECT, which is aiming primarily at policy makers. Where each letter defines a strategy.

1588781516-blobid0.jpegR_eraltionship skills strengthening

E_mpowerment of women

S_ervives ensured

P_overty reduced

E_nvironment made safe

C_hild and adolescent abuse prevented

T_transformed attitudes, beliefs and norms


About 1in 3 or in 35% of women have experienced either physical or asexual abuse by World health organization (WHO).

Violence against women (VAW) has devastating consequences over individuals, communities and societies. It is one of the major health problem related matter.

Violence against women can affect them adversely, affecting their mental, physical and reproductive health.

Sexual abuses can lead to unintended pregnancies, miscarriages, induced abortions; can damage women reproductive health also. Women subjected to violence are at a high risk to depression, anxiety and even suicidal attempts.

Phumzile, mlambo, executive director of UN women said that, to give an end to violence against women and girls we need to dismantle the foundations of gender inequality and discrimination. It also means that a women’s rights movement that has long been at the very forefront of action on gender equality. We need to transform the discriminatory attitudes, beliefs and to promote the rights of all women and girls with respect for diversity, gender equality and non violence for the development of nations.


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