Snapchat Introduces A ‘Birthday Mini’ Feature: How to Use it

Snapchat Introduces A ‘Birthday Mini’ Feature: How to Use it


Snapchat released Birthday Mini for users to give their loved ones birthday wishes. The similar option is also accessible on Facebook that notifies users of their friend's birthdays. However, the latest feature of Snapchat enables people to send humorous birthday messages and greetings to others and even recall their birthdays. This also allows users to get personalised birthday messages and greetings from others. Specific stickers and unique glasses for each other are also included in the birthday greetings.

Snapchat Introduces A ‘Birthday Mini’ Feature: How to Use it

This new feature is now based on the zodiac signs for coming and recent birthdays and even birthdays. This is very similar how Facebook displays a list of people's birthdays that have passed or are anticipated shortly.

The function also allows users to "count down to the second" their birthdays!

It is suggested that people visible at Snapchat will be included in Birthdays Mini. Snapchat ensures that this function will not show their year or age of birth. It is visible just to the user.

The feature is now available to users worldwide. Here's how to get there.

How to use Snapchat's Birthday Mini feature

  •  Open up the Snapchat app on Android or iOS
  • Now, just head to any chat and click on the rocket icon to find the Mini
  • Birthdays Mini can also be found via the search bar

In addition to the other Minis and Games, the Birthdays Mini is accessible in the Snapchat app. They provide users fun methods to experience society with people who have something in common.

Snap Minis are essentially simplified versions of third-party apps that exist in the Chat area of Snap. There are other Minis and Snapchat games including Ludo Club, Word Blitz, Master Prediction, Headspace, and more.

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