Scientists discovered a microbe that "completely stops" malaria transmission

COVID-19 is a dominating news on the head lines, we can't COVID-19 As its a pendemic, but we cannot ignore the consequences of malaria. ABOUT 50,000 deaths 228 cases are reported in 2008 by wHO, these are all due to mosquito borne diseases.

but the study found that its totally possible to stop the spead of mosquito born diseases, Scientists discovered that a ne type of single celled microbe, this single celled microbe is found in mosquito called as Microsporadia, that stops the transmisson of parasitic protozaon i.e Plamodium Falciparum 

There is no harm to the mosquito by the increase of  prevelence of Microsporadia in local Mosquito Population. and it could be a good to stop the speard of mosqiito born diseases. and this Idea is exactly noval, scientists are working on it.

scientists analysed mosquitos taken from the field of Kenya, those containing Microsporidia MB didnot have malaria parasite, they als let the mosquito to suck the blood of infected person, but the mosquito ith Microsporadia MB had approximatly reduced level of infection, and no any sign of malarial infection. Further studies suggests the outcomes of the present approach in controlling malarial dieases. 

Cause of Malaria:
Not all the mosquitos cause Malaria, Only the Female anopheles mosquitos cause the spead of malaria

Symptoms of Malaria:

  • High Fever
  • Chills
  • flu like sysmptoms
  • Headach
  • Nausea
  • Body Pain
  • Vomiting


Malaria is treated by anti- malaria drugs. For example drugs like Cloroquinone, Amodiaquine, Mefloquine etc


Anti-malarial Drugs are chemically derived agents that may be anti-parasitic. antimalarial drugs are used to prevent malaria through Chemopropylaxis, by killing the blood stage of malarial parasite thus stopping the spread in the body.

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