Sanam Marvi Biography – Music Career, Family, And Awards

Sanam Marvi was born on 17th April 1986 in Hyderabad Pakistan. She is a Pakistani folk and Sufi singer. She is most popular in the name singing field. She love to singing therefore she become to in industry.

Sanam Marvi Career:

Sanam is a famous folk singer. She Also Work With abda parveen. she made her career for singing with paporal singers.

Sanam Marvi Initial Career:

At the age of seven, Sanam started Sanam marvi starting diligence for singing. She gained serious music training for two years, and then, she has started learning from Ustad Fateh Ali Khan. Consistent with Sanam, Abida Parveen helped her tons when she was learning music. She also did theater at the beginning of her career for two years.


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Sanam Marvi Debut as a Singer:

In 2009, she made a debut on Pakistan Television Corporation at a music program, "Virsa Heritage.” Her music debut made it very helpful for her to form her name within the industry. She also participates in Coke Studio. She made her solo debut in 2010 with a Sufi festival, "Jahan e Khusrau.” In 2011, she also got an opportunity to collaborate with Indian Singer Rekha Bhardwaj.

Sanam Marvi Concerts:

In 2012, she made a debut of live concerts and performed in several parts of the planet, alongside Ali Zafar and Hadiqa Kiani. An outsized group of individuals visit her concerts and enjoys her Sufi songs. She is additionally considered the best Sufi Singer.

Sanam Marvi Family:

She belongs to a Sindhi Family. Her father, Faqeer Khan Muhammad, was also a notable Pakistani jongleur who knows Sufi songs. Singing ran in her blood.

Sanam Marvi Awards:

Best Singer from Sufism University.

Tamgha e Imtiaz

UNESCO Award in International Music Festival.

Sanam Marvi Says "A Musician's Family Struggles A Lot":

Sanam Marvi may be a famous folk and Sufi singer. She said that a Musician's family struggles tons. The struggles for his or her family, for his or her children, for his or her future. She said that once I perform, I'm not during this world, I'm somewhere else; I desire there's nothing ahead of me.

No one is there once I perform. She said that when my father said that, “The eldest of the family suffers tons for his or her younger ones.” She said that my father suffers tons on behalf of me. She said that I had to figure hard for my future, and my family suffers tons.

Sanam Marvi, a Fighter of Sufi Tradition:

Sanam Marvi may be a famous name within the Sufi and Folk Singing. She has proven that she features a less time and legendary voice. Marvi is merely concerned about one thing which is music. Sanam Marvi sees herself because the fight of Sufi Tradition. She said that My goal is to spread the message of Islam and truth.” She said that my father helps me tons with Sufi Music. My father may be a Sufi singer. My focus is to spread Sufi music everywhere on the planet.

Sanam Marvi Social Media Handles

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