Sana Javed Biography, husband, Age, Instagram

Sana Javed Biography, husband, Age, Instagram

Sana Javed's popularity as an actor has risen to new heights in recent years. Recently, she has opted to work in dramas that give much more than entertainment. Sana Javed is unquestionably more well-known as an established actor than she was previously.

She absolutely feels that she has a tremendous obligation as an actor. She aspires to teach her dramas and parts. For her acting career, Khaani and Ruswai were revolutionary drama serials. She wishes to play strong female characters because she wants to inspire the audience of women with the roles she chooses.

She has a good look, talent and the proper acting technique. It is also intriguing that although she has been linked with the show business for almost eight years, she doesn't disclose much in interviews about her personal life. She ensures that her interviews about her and her job are conducted. Unlike other celebrities who divulged personal insights in many interviews, she has a totally different interview style.

Her role was a turning point for her in Pyare Afzal. She thinks of the play director, Nadeem Baig, as her mentor. She told us that Nadeem Baig is her teacher in an interview. She also regards Pyare Afzal as one of those dramas that genuinely are close to her heart.

Age of Sana Javed

Sana was born on the 25th of March 1993. She's twenty-seven years old.

Pic Sana Javed

Here's a lovely photo of Sana Javed.

Sana Javed Biography

Sana Javed Family 

Sana Javed is one of the few actresses who never shared photos with the members of her non-celebrity family. The same is true of her two siblings, who are famous too. Her sister Hina Javed has just begun to perform and her brother Abdullah Javed has been modelled for several years.

She plainly wants her non-celebrity family to enjoy the privacy that everyone who isn't in the spotlight deserves. Even her famous siblings are not commonly seen together in public. However, they continue to support each other.

Top 10 Sana Javed Dramas List

Sana Javed Mother

Sana Javed's close to her mom. A few months ago, she wrote an emotional letter to her mother on Instagram. She misses her parents every time she is gone from her residence. Your mother and father get so emotional that, even if she needs to move to another city, they start crying.

Father Sana Javed

Sana Javed was so discreet about her family that her father's identity is a mystery. But everybody knows how devoted Sana is to her dad. After Ruswai, a large number of websites determined that Syed Muhammad Ahmed, Sana Javed's father on-screen, was her father, which is certainly not true!

She regards parents as the most valuable gift. She wants to do everything she can to make her parents proud. She wants her parents to be happy, too, always.

Javed Sana Sister

The sister of Sana Javed, Hina Javed, made her acting debut recently. She began her acting career with the Mere Pass Tum Ho drama series which the audience had adored. Hina Javed immediately caught the eye of the audience because of the character and the way she played. She bagged another good project already.

Sana Javed Sister

Hina Javed is really happy that she had the opportunity to start her acting career with a role and drama which the general people enjoyed. Many people didn't even know Hina was Sana's sister until she appeared on TV. This news became widespread knowledge after a few episodes.

Sana Javed Husband 

Sana husband is famous singer named Umair Jaswal. 

Sana Javed Husband

Name of Sana Javed Husband

Many people are curious about who she will marry. There are many others who believe she is married and continue to look for the name of her husband Which is Umair Jaswal.

Sana Javed Wedding 

She doesn't talk in her interviews about her future goals. She did an interview about 5 years ago, making it perfectly apparent that the marriage was not on the cards. She will only marry all those years later if she finds the ideal man, because she has no intention of compromise.

House of Sana Javed

Some of the photos Sana posted on Eid make her lawn and her living room creep. Besides, she rarely posts photos from inside her residence.

Sana Javed House

Sana Javed House

Dresses Sana Javed

With a good look, she is blessed and her sense of styling makes her look much more attractive. Sana Javed loves to wear traditional and elegantly crafted outfits. Every Pakistani girl can be inspired by Sana's strong clothing sense.

Sana Javed House

Sana Javed House

List of Sana Javed Drama

She's really selected for the plays in which she works. There was a point when you didn't know which projects to choose but now you know how to pick the ideal scripts with the experience. Here are the dramas that She's seen in all these years.

Mera Pehla Pyaar


Adhoori Aurat

Meenu Ka Sasural

Pyare Afzal


Koi Deepak Ho

Dil Ka Kya Rung Karoon

Ranjish Hi Sahi

Mana Ka Gharana



Zara Yaad Kar


Romeo Weds Heer



Dar Khuda Se

Instagram Sana Javed

She has 3.6 million Instagram followers. She utilises her Instagram handle to inform her fans. She doesn't interact much on Instagram with her fans, but else keeps them active enough.

Sana Javed Family Pics 

Sana Javed never shared her parents' pictures. Even though she's been on show for so long, it is absolutely strange that she never published her parents' photos. Here's a picture of Sana Javed when they were kids with her brother.

Sana javed family pics

Sana javed family pics

Sana javed family pics

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