Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra to Have 3x and 10x Cameras

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra to Have 3x and 10x Cameras

Samsung Galaxy s22 Ultra

It is anticipated that the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra would have the company's new 200MP camera sensor, while some rumours indicate it is using the same S21 Ultra arrangement. Tipster Ice Universe appears to agree with Tipster Ice, but also indicated it will have superior telescopic lenses.

He states that the S22 Ultra brings two 3x and 10x zoom telephoto lenses by default. These are the same zoom numbers as the S21 Ultra, however these new lenses can zoom in further. However, the focal length is still undetermined at the moment.

Samsung Galaxy s22 Ultra

These photos also have slightly enhanced sensors. These are 12 MP sensors with 1.22 μm pixels which is somewhat larger than the 10MP sensors of the S21 Ultra. Both cameras additionally offer the stabilisation of optical images (OIS).

The main camera is the same with a couple of modifications. It is a 108MP sensor with 0.8 μm pixels, although it is not clear whether it is the existing or a new HM3 sensor. It is anticipated that OIS has improved. It is also reported that the ultra-wide camera will acquire OIS.

The selfie camera should have a 40MP sensor and not a subdisplay module since the original UD camera of Samsung is merely a 4MP shooter.

Similar to the S21 series, the S22 lineup is also anticipated to become official next January. By the end of the year, we anticipate to receive more comprehensive news.

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