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The RRR Trailer: This forthcoming film by SS Rajamouli has the same level of hype as Baahubali. The film has been tipped to be a blockbuster since it was revealed with the likes of Ajay Devgn, Alia Bhatt, and Jr NTR. Now that the trailer has been out, it's already broken records on YouTube! Is it, however, really worth the fuss? Let's take a closer look at this.


The first thing you need to know about SS Rajamouli is that he is an unconventional director. He has a reputation for producing aesthetically beautiful and grandiose films. You can always expect a big dosage of amusement from his work. As a result, it's not only about the big picture.


Speaking in Hindi, RRR brings you back to the British period in India in its trailer (Hindi). The storey begins with a person describing a girl who was kidnapped by a British officer and taken away with him. A member of the Gond tribe, the girl is Jr. NTR is our first hero, and he's here to stay. When he roars back at a tiger, he looks courageous.


Jr NTR is a formidable character who stands up to the forces of evil. In order to stop him, a British police officer has been sent. It's none other than Ram Charan himself, of course. He, too, receives his fair share of the limelight. NTR and Ram enjoy a brotherly connection, as the teaser indicates, which is interesting. NTR, on the other hand, is taken into custody by Ram for alleged anti-British activities.

We see Ram Charan and Jr NTR teaming together to take on their adversaries in the trailer's twist.

Additionally, Ajay Devgn's tremendous presence is seen in the RRR teaser. Alia Bhatt appeared in just a little portion of the film.


In under 3 minutes and 16 seconds, director SS Rajamouli captivates us with stunning settings and visual effects. The action scenes towards the finale are really impressive. Also, make sure the background music you're listening to keeps your interest.

Trailer for RRR meets up to expectations! You'll have to wait until January 7, 2022, to settle down.

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