Role of Microbiologist

Role of Microbiologist  

Who is microbiologist?

A Microbiologist is a person, who is expert in study about microorganisms. Microorganisms like bacteria, viruses, protists, fungi etc 

A microbiologist has to study each of his microorganisms, about its disease causing abilities and how it affects itshost either humans, plants or animals. 

By studying the morphology and anatomy of these microorganisms, one can easily understand how this particular entity can damage other organisms.

Role of microbiologist

What microbiologists do?

A microbiologist studies the interaction, growth, and characteristics of microorganisms such as viruses, fungi, algae, bacteria and some parasites. Microbiologist aim to answer different questions by understanding microbes. They work in many places which are listed below:

• In health care:

Microbiologist plays a vital role in the field of health. As they treat many diseases. They can develop new technologies and improve our lives. Some microbiologist work in hospitals and laboratories, they can monitor treatment or track outbreak diseases, testing the blood sample. Some work on disease causing microbes such as flu,  COVID-19, SARS, MERS, AIDS, Hepatitis, TB, Dangue, Ebola, Malaria, H. Pylori, etc and the information they find is used to make vaccines and improve treatment.

• Food security and agriculture:

Microbiologist investigates the vital role of microbe in soil, crops and food. The beneficial microbes are essential for the production of many foods such as yogurt, cheese, bread etc. they concentrate on plant pests and diseases and develop different ways of controlling them.

• Environment and climate change:

Microbiologist study how microbes live with other living organism with different habitats from the Polar Regions to salt lakes and from the oceans to the soil. They use microbes to treat industrial waste and develop that kind of sensor which can control pollution.

Importance of microbiologist:

The foremost duty of a microbiologist is to let people around him about that disease, about that causative agent and its difficult aspects. He has to warn people about that particular entity and has to inform them about the damage it can cause, if the particular precautions won't be taken. This is the first duty of a microbiologist, than all other people of the society. A microbiologist is the one who is very expertise in his job and he knows everything about his job and the organisms he study. So he is the one who know about that particular illness and its cause. He is the one who can help the biotechnologist in finding the treatment for the disease. He is considered to be responsible for the treatment and cure of any outbreak in a particular area.


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