Rockstar Club Red Dead Redemption Cheats and codes

Rockstar Club Red Dead Redemption Cheats and codes

Name Effect
Bad Guy Set honor to minimum level
Beastmaster Animals become friendly
Change Weather Change Weather
Clear Bounty Clear Bounty level
Dead-Eye Level 1 Set Dead-Eye Level to 1
Dead-Eye Level 2 Set Dead-Eye Level to 2
Dead-Eye Level 3 Set Dead-Eye Level to 3
Donkey Rider Spawn a donkey
Every Shot Counts Every shot fired by anyone kills instantly
Gun Set no 3 Unlocks action Revolver, Dynamite, Henry Repeater, High Power of Pistol, Pump-action of the Shotgun, Rolling the Block Rifle
Gun Set no 4 Unlocks the Bolt Action of the Rifle, Evans of the Repeater, LeMat of Revolver, Mauser of Pistol, Semi auto and Shotgun
Guns Blazing Bullets set people on fire
Hitchcock Unknown / no use
Increase Bounty Increase Bounty level
Punchout Stronger melee
Right to Bear Arms Everyone gains weapons
Rise Up Everyone is aggressive
So-so Guy Reset honor level

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