Rabi Pirzada Leaked Video Scandal | Pakistani Celebrity Rabi Pirzada

Rabi Peerzada may be a Pakistani tv host and a pop singer conjointly she may be a female offspring of a Pakistani former officer, Major Humayun Peerzada. She gained attention in 2017 once she criticized screenland films and actor Salman Khan blaming them for promoting crime among the young generation. Recently, social media is noisy over with Rabi Peerzada’s leaked nude photos and video that got infectious agent dispute and speculation of WHO leaked them. a number of the social media users applauded her role and a few subjected her to robust criticism.

On the first Gregorian calendar month, 2019 Rabi Peerzada’s very in-person video went infectious agent that grabbed Brobdingnagian public attention and a special trend on Twitter and different social media apps. per the small print, Rabi Peerzada came to public notice once Neelum Muneer shared her dance video on her Instagram account that she did for Kaaf Kagan, A project of ISPR. The leaked videos, in addition, because the photos, went infectious agent on social media each day before Rabi Peerzada criticized metric weight unit Asif Ghafoor for justifying Neelum Muneer’s item song. A video clip shows a lady Rabi Peerzada undressed before the camera has cyberbullying worry concerning the reverberations of picture taking sexually clear-cut media of ourselves.

Some users expressed disgust at those posing for the leaked videos and such sensitive clips. several criticized and plenty of supporting her on this issue. someone aforesaid that one mustn't disclose anyone’s secrets as a result of Allah Almighty loves that one that covers other’s unhealthy deeds. Some area unit business others to refrain from harassing the pop singer. whereas some users area unit getting down to modification their show image with of Rabi Peerzada’s during a bid to pity her longing others to prevent scandalizing someone’s personal life.

Rabi Peerzada has been creating headlines one once another for the past few days, currently considering her streak individual wonders if the most recent news is that the part of the arrange too as a result of nothing will be trusty of late. however seriously, if this isn’t planned and maybe a leaked very non-public video of Rabi Peerzada’s that has gone infectious agent, clearly WHO desires to urge the eye of their bodies however what it's the perpetrator must be reportable and created to serve the due social control of cyberbullying and harassment.


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