PS5 restocking begins November 15-21: Consoles are on their way!

PS5 restocking begins November 15-21: Consoles are on their way!

The PS5 replenishment is expected to begin arriving later this week. More consoles are scheduled to arrive at retail and online outlets between November 15 and November 21. The repercussions from the PlayStation 5 anniversary is still lingering, and this is a clear indication that additional drops are on their way in the coming days.


Amazon is one significant retailer that hasn't paid for access to a PS5, particularly through its Treasure Truck programme. To sign up for Treasure Truck, you don't need to be a Prime member, and if a PS5 replenishment becomes available, you'll receive a text message early the next day with instructions on how to obtain one.


Sony Online Store

In recent weeks, Sony has held a spate of replenishment events, but there's one catch: they're all invite-only. Before the Direct invite goes live this week, you should figure out how to become eligible. You may get your hands on a new PS5 by visiting the website.

Sony Restock at Best Buy

The retail behemoth is preparing up for a major Xbox restocking sale this week. This is a good sign that PS5 consoles will be in high demand during this major resupply event.

Best Buy is expected to release the PS5 on November 15, although it will only be accessible to members.

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