Who will Win ICC Cricket worldCup 2019 What Astrology say?

Date : 2019-06-25
By : Admin
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We are going to discuss the astrology of different teams captains and are going to share the luck percentage of different team captain which will lead us to the prediction of the winner of the ICC cricket World cup 2019.

First of All I will discuss the Eion Morgan England cricket team captian;Eion Morgan is going lucky for Egland team this year but he will face some troubles from best teams like Australia New zeland and India because it alsways happens with his luck in big matches.

Who will Win ICC Cricket worldCup 2019 What Astrology say?

If we would talk about Aaron Finch Australia Captain for 2019 ICC cricket World Cup, Aaron Finch is surviving his best time of cricket career and can be the winner of the worldcup,Aaron Finch dicision’s power can lead his team to the Semifinalists as well as Finalist easily.

Do you know June is very Lucky for Bangladesh and will survive upto a big extent in the ICC cricket world cup 2019 and has the chance to get good grades but it will be a lot difficult for the Bangladesh team to go to the finalist and has only 10 % of chances to be in the 4 semifinalists and they will perform much better than Expectation and Mushraee Murtaza who is the current Captain of Bangladeshi Team has the leading qualities and can do something for the Bangladeshi Team.

Sarfaraz has entered the bad zone of his astrology and will face a lot of troubles in the cricket world cup and will be a lot difficult for him to survive the first round.so it is very difficult for Pakistani team to to the semifinalist and will be dropped from the first round.

Now I am going to talk about Indian Team and Virat Kohli is representing the Indian Teams captain reflects a lot of qualities of a team and Virat Kohli is very lucky for Indian Team and will definitely his team in the semifinalist and has 90 percent chances to go to the final and won the final against Austrailia.

New Zeland Cricket team is represented by Kane Williamson and Kane Williamson is one of the best players as well has the Lucky Time Period and can lead his team to the semifinalists easily but will have a lot of difficulties to reach the finalists and will only make it to top 4.

Afghanistan,Srilanka and Westindeas Will not go to the semifinalist and will only survive their first round.

So India and Austrailia has the maximum chances to win the ICC Cricket Worldcup 2019.

What do you say about these two teams give us your predictions will reply to your comment as much as possible.