Saba Qamar True Story Cheekh Drama Actress | Pakistani actresses Real Stories

Date : 2019-06-25
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Saba Qamar revealed her true life story in one of the Aplus TV Programme and has made a lot of people emotional on International Woman Day.Saba Qamar told that she was a normal girl with much of energy having a lot of wishes in her heart and she was wanting those wishes to be accomplished.She told that I was unknown at that time that winning the world is that much difficult.She has started her story with an emotional poetry that

Yeh Ishq nahe asaan bas itna Samajh Leejyee

Aik Aag ka darya hai aor Dhoob k jaana hai

Saba Qamar True Story Cheekh Drama Actress | Pakistani actresses Real Stories

She also told that if will fully reveal my story then it can create a lot of difficulties for a lot of people.She told that this life is also like an ocean of fire and we have to go in it.She also told that she was belonging from a Sayyad family and was having no permission to work in drama Industry and this was also not her target to go to such target But her Mother’s friend were repeatedly revising her that she has such bright eyes that she can go far beyond from this life and she has such an energy that she should do something big but my mother were always replying her that do not tell her such like words because we are from Sayyad family and it can creat a lot of difficulties for us.

Once on vacation she told Saba Qamar that lets go to PTV and watch the acting and shooting of different actors.This was 2004 and she met for the first time with Shahid Ahmad Chughtai Sir and her heroin was absent that day for a fifteen minutes serial,Her mothers friend Rohi Aafa was also part of that series and sudden she told me that will you perform this?Saba told that I was totally unprepared for the act but the show me how to do it and I easily did that Series for the first time this is totally upto luck.As I performed that act everyone was clipping for me and were appreciating me very much and after that I started small assignments, Our family members were discouraging me I m Saba Qamar.