Pakistan Budget 2019-2020 Live Updates Present around Rs6.7 trillion

Date : 2019-06-11
By : Admin
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Pakistan Budget 2019-2020 Has been proposed by Abdul hafeez sheikh. Total budget value is 6 thousands and 8 hundreds Arab rupees.

Pakistan Budget 2019-2020 Main Points:

1. 750 Arab Pakistani rupees are proposed for to remove taxes.
2. Salaries increased 10% for 1 - 16 BPS
3. Salaries increased 5% for 17 - 22 BPS
4. Salaries increased 0% for 22 BPS and above
5. The government is also likely to announce health tax on tobacco and sugary drinks.
6. Rs4,950 will be deducted from the salaries of individuals earning Rs100,000 monthly.

The target for the development of the agriculture sector and major crops is to be set at 3.5%, and livestock at 3.7%, industrial growth at 2.3%, the construction and energy sector at 1.5%, communication sector at 3.5%, services sector at 4.8%, and the finance and insurance sector at 6.5%.

The exports target in the next fiscal year is likely to be set at $24.18 billion, whereas imports may be restricted at $53.66 billion.