Bollywood movies which were leaked before release | Bollywood

Date : 2018-10-31
By : Arsal
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Some Bollywood movies which were leaked before release. there is also a movie in this list which is going to release very soon. As we all know that there is a specific budget of a movie and every producer wants to return its budget on the release. But sometimes they did not get the amount and the film become a disaster on boxoffice today we are going to discuss one of the big reason of such movies.

The big reason is the leak.Some movies get leak before its release and it loses its trust in the audience and people do not want to buy tickets for the theaters and watch the movie in homes.Today we are going to discuss some movies of bollywood that has been leaked before of its release.

1 : PAA movie

The first movie in the list is Paa in which the lead roles were Amitabh Bachan and Abhishek Bachan and Vidya Balan.The film was a special surprise for the audience and every actor has performed a soperb role in the movie.This film was released on 4 December 2009 but it was leaked and was released on internet before of its release date and alot of people had seen this movie on internet due to which the movie boxoffice was affected.

2 : Paanch

Anurag Kayshup is known for soperb direction and production one of his movie Paanch was also leaked on the internet Kay kay menon was the leading role of the film and the movie was directed very well.But this film was due to some issues not released becuase the Censor board has banned it and people watched this movie on internets.This movie was going to release in 2003.

3.Tera Kia Hoga Johny

In 2010 in the direction of Sudheer Mishra a movie named Tera Kia Hoga Johny was released.Karan Nath and Kay Kay Menon were the leaing roles of the movie.This movie was going to releas in 2008 but due to some issues this movie was not released on the due date and was post ponned to 2010 but this movie was leaked in its post production days and has affected its boxoffice.

4.Udhta Punjab

Anurag kayshup's another movie Udhta Punjab that is released in 2016 but this movie was also leaked before its release due to Censor board issues with the movie.89 cuts were made in the movie due to censor board objections.Shahid Kapoor and Alia Butt were the leading roles in the movie.

5.Maanjhi The Mountain Man

Maanjhi the mountain man in which Nawazuddin and Radhika Apte were the leading roles was also leaked before its release.This movie was the biography of a man named Maanjhi and this film was so much liked by audience.

6.Mohalla Assi

In the present days a movie trailer is released Mohalla Assi in Sunny Deol is the leading role is also leaked on internet.This movie is going to release on 16 december 2018 but this movie was leaked on 11 aaugust 2015 and alot of people has seen this movie on youtube.


A big budgeted movie Sultaan was also leaked before its release but it has maitained its boxoffice.Salman Khan and Anushka Sharma were the leading roles in the movie.