Pizza Hut Pakistan Removed Mushrooms and Olives From Their Menu

Pizza Hut Pakistan Removed Mushrooms and Olives From Their Menu:

Pizza Hut Pakistan has decided to remove mushrooms and olives as pizza toppings from their menu.
This surprising news was delivered via a tweet, and people are left scratching their heads, wondering "why?"
We can all agree that Olives and Mushrooms are a pizza's core ingredients. These two toppings, above all the others, are a requirement for adding flavour to the pizza. To put it another way, olives and mushrooms on pizza have the same value as chocolate ganache on a cake.

In any case, word of Pizza Hut permanently removing olives and mushrooms from its menu spread after a Twitterati tweeted that a buddy had received a pizza without either. When he complained to Customer Service, he was informed that these items had been removed from the Pizza Hut menu. He published his storey on Twitter, tagging Pizza Hut Pakistan in the process to see whether it was true.

People’s reaction on This Unusual act:

People couldn't help but be saddened by this decision, knowing how important Mushrooms and Olives are to a pizza. Someone even recommended that Pizza Hut remove their dough and cheese next, nonchalantly noting out that these missing ingredients are a must-have for a tasty pizza.  Pizza Hut sympathises with everyone and comforts us by reminding us that life goes on and that we should continue to try new things.
So, how do you feel about this unique act?
Do you agree with Pizza Hut's decision to remove these toppings from their menu indefinitely?
Please tell us how you feel in the comments area below.


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