it a job?

The activity of bringing up a child as a a lifelong process of promoting and supporting the physical, emotional, social, and intellectual development of a child from infancy to adulthood.

Yes parenting is certainly a job, a very humble job it is a task that requires a unique planning, sharing three major goals, ensuring child health and safety, preparing child life as a productive adult and transmitting cultural values.                                      

Actually there are three types of parenting styles.

1)Permissive parenting: It is a kind of to-do whatever with no rules to follow.

2)Authoritarian parenting: It is like yes sir, yes mom early in life. this sort of parenting plays a part of dictatorship, wants the child to do quick whatever is told /ordered without hesitation. here the parents never consider the child attitude/aptitude.

3)Authoritative parenting: Here the child is though free doing anything with friends yet some sort of restrictions are imposed in a polite way. For example, if a child doing something wrong, parents explain the consequences and teaches how important it is to obey them even if he/she doesn't like what is being asked to do.

There are some rights of children like to be cared for, loved and raised well(within given means of parents)and to teach good moral values like trust, worthiness, respect and responsibility.Parents obligations  Along with fulfilling basic physical needs like food, shelter, health, and safety, a parent has the obligation to make sure that a child has an appropriate and positive environment to grow and learn in.

Parents have the responsibility to make sure that their child is free from unnecessary pain. When the child grows up, the responsibilities of the parents also increase, helping their child to develop a positive self-image, providing the child with morals and values, appropriate for their own culture(reserved or progressive)encouraging mutual respect with their words and actions.

As parents are a child first teacher and role model and usually children are more affected by what their parents do than by what they when a child visualize strong character of the parents, they naturally listen, obey and try to do accordingly and it would be a suitable period to upgrade their mental vision by the briefing, quotes and reading biography of the most successful people/leaders of the world like quid the great Mohammad Ali Jinnah from Pakistan who changed the entire map of the world by creating a wonderful cuntry or Mao-Zedong the great leader of China who transformed the opium-addicted society into an advanced nation of the world.

Such sort of teaching will definitely enable the child to achieve the required results by applying zeal, energy, determination, eagerness, devotion constant struggle, and commitment. And after fulfillment of all requirement of duties and responsibilities, the parents just to sit and pray for the bright future of their children.


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