Over the last two years, the cost of medicine has increased by more than 300 percent.

Over the last two years, the cost of medicine has increased by more than 300 percent.

The Ministry of National Health Services notified Parliament's upper house on Friday that drug costs had risen by as much as 311.61% in the previous two years.


The price of basic medications in Pakistan has risen 5.13 percent over the past two years, while the price of low-cost medicines has risen 7.34 percent. The price of 102 drugs has risen from 2.53 percent to 311.61 percent during the same period.


By November 15, 44.48 million doses of vaccinations had been received as contributions out of the total of 177.04 million doses of vaccines. COVAX provided 36.68 million doses and China supplied 7.7 million doses of vaccinations, respectively. The government has acquired the remaining 132.56 million Covid-19 vaccinations.


In August, the Pakistan Medical Association (PMA) urged the government to reconsider its decision to raise drug prices, especially those of life-saving and necessary medicines, as a result of rising costs.


There are 309 officers in Pakistani missions, according to a written response from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 276 career diplomats and 25 other department officials make up the group.


Pakistan's foreign missions also have 12 former Pakistani military officials stationed there. Six retired military officers in Grade 22 and six in Grade 21 have been assigned to the Pakistani embassies, respectively. Six Foreign Service career diplomats in grade 22 and 25 career diplomats in grade 21 are posted abroad of the nation, respectively.

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