Red Dot Award Winner O Relax-Cities-2022

Red Dot Award Winner O Relax-Cities-2022

O Relax is an OPPO digital wellbeing application that provides soothing music tracks, ambient natural sounds, and city sounds to help you unwind. Its main feature, Sounds of the City, is inspired by unique locales in different cities and provides users with high-quality ambient sounds recorded from sites all around the world, including Reykjavik, Beijing, and Tokyo. Each provided in a separate sound spectrum ranging from active noises such as energetic train and city pavement sounds to peaceful and quiet sounds such as wind and rain, such an audio world can allow users to immerse themselves in a calming experience.

Red Dot Award Winner O Relax-Cities-2022

Omoji is the 2022 Red Dot Award winner.

OMOJI from ColorOS 12 is backed by OPPO's industry-leading Face Capture technology. With high accuracy expression models built on 52 main facial expressions and 200+ aesthetic features, users may build unique emoji that match their style.

Two-Finger Split Screen – 2022 Red Dot Winner

Two-Finger Split Screen - Red Dot 2022 Winner

ColorOS 12 customised the "Two-Finger Split Screen" capability to enhance the pleasure of using OPPO's first folding screen mobile phone, Find N, with its 7.1-inch big screen. Simply swipe two fingers along the centre of the foldable screen, and the screen display will be divided in half. This type of design is both straightforward and simple to grasp for users.

The Red Dot Design Award is one of the most prominent professional design contests in the world. Such recognition highlights OPPO's world-class design talents. Through ColorOS, OPPO will continue to provide users with a more succinct and comfortable experience in the future. OPPO just announced the date of the global online launch event for ColorOS 13, their most recent operating system. In light of the upcoming release of Android 13, it will be one of the primary OEM operating systems. On August 18th, at 7:00 PM GMT+8, join the ColorOS Official Launch Event on YouTube and Twitter.

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