Negative and Positive Impacts of using Mobile Phones

Negative and Positive Impacts of using Mobile Phones 

Negative and Positive Impacts of using Mobile Phones Negative and Positive Impacts of using Mobile Phones 

Negative impacts of mobile phones:

Nowadays you will be so used to seeing some people, starving and carving for food but will have smart phones of known brands. What’s the use of these gadgets, which cannot give you food and cannot fill up your needs? Indeed no use. We have to bring all these problems to one line and have to make a settlement for all these problems in order to give benefits to our surrounding and its people. Our new generation is so in craze for having smart phones and to access internet connections to have fun time.

This can be good for some time to pass your time but what about the wasting of time? What about that good time you missed. You could have used it to spend with your families. Smart phones are adversely affecting our generation such as

• Excess usage  of mobile phone can cause eye strain
• Headache 
• Repetitive strain injuries in fingers, thumb and wrists.
• It can cause insomnia
• Emotional problems 
• Behavioral problems
• Obesity

Positive impacts

As every coin have two sides, same in the case for every second thing, a good side and a bad side. If a pupil from low class gets smart phones at the very low costs is far better for him. He can get his work done. If he is using it in the way he is supposed to so he is doing a particular work in a great way. Same case can be considered for all the people. Who really wants to have a gadget, they can work on.

• Mobile phones have become a very powerful and informative learning tool.
• Mobile phones can enhance communication with others, which can improve the feeling of connection.
• Nowadays, they are even used as a wallet for making payments.
• Research and learning.
• Fashion and self expression 
• entertainment

Every things either a smart phone or some other gadget, if use in the way, it should be use has far more benefit than its curse through.  


A mobile phone could be negative and positive depending on how a user uses it because technology is now a part of our lives. So we should use it in a proper way.

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