Samsung Galaxy S20 review


  1. Bright, crisp display
  2. Versatile camera setup
  3. All-day battery life
  4. Great size and feel


  1. Controversial redesign
  2. Inconsistent camera performance
  3. No headphone jack

Samsung Galaxy S20 by Samsung

Headlines about Samsung Galaxy S20 are that it does not grab the quality of its Galaxy S20 Ultra and Galaxy S20 Plus relatives, but Galaxy S20 is also enriched with much of the same advanced mobile technology. Samsung Galaxy S20 Available with reasonable Price $999 than the $1,399 S20 Ultra, Samsung Galaxy S20 Price in Pakistan is about 100,000 – 180,000.

This makes the Galaxy S20 an even more important handset for Samsung than in previous years. It has to prove that the cheapest S20 isn’t an afterthought and can still provide a flagship experience — especially when even more affordable mid-tier 5G smartphones are chomping at Samsung’s heels.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Un-boxing:

The Samsung Galaxy S20 comes with the amazing accessories. Which contains

  1. 25W charging plug
  2. USB-C to USB-C cable 
  3. SIM ejector tool
  4. pair of AKG USB-C ear buds.






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