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Since I genuinely anticipate to our discussions every Saturday on this particular thread, therefore, I made a decision to observe the Mere Pass Tum Ho Last Episode Review special episode (show) although I usually don’t watch such shows. So here I'm sharing some random thoughts about Mere Pass Tum Ho Last Episode Review generally and therefore the ‘special episode’ especially. we've all been expecting the ending of Mere Pass Tum Ho Last Episode Review impatiently, the producers didn't only plan to add an additional episode to the serial but also delayed the ending. i need to say that this was a very intelligent move from a monetary/business point of view but one which frustrated most of the viewers.




The fact, however, remains that this hype is backed by massive viewership therefore despite the very fact that the majority folks don't accept as true with a number of the marketing strategies and tactics employed by the producers to make sure that viewers tune to the show when it goes on air, most folks are equally excited to observe this last episode. The question is that whether this last episode will live up to the hype? From making the viewers wait to air the last episode within the cinemas, the producers have left no stone unturned to make sure that they need the viewers’ attention. Such marketing strategies have also upset those viewers who believe that the drama isn't well worth the hype!

Tonight’s show however clothed to be another wise decision by the producers. rather than showing flashbacks, another filler episode or a repeat episode, the producers managed to place together a show which was both insightful in some ways and entertaining.

Will Danish Die?

When Ahmed Ali Butt asked everyone present at the show how they wanted this drama to finish , nobody mentioned that somebody will die therefore I even have a sense that somebody might die within the end. Everyone was all for a cheerful ending – perhaps because there isn’t getting to be one. Khalil-ur-Rehman Qamar in an interview however said that there'll be a tragic ending. nobody once said that Danish will die within the end. it's impossible to predict how Mere Pass Tum Ho Last Episode Review will end but it had been great watching everyone involved sharing their opinion on one platform.




What Are Your Expectations?

It was interesting watching the host Ahmed Ali Butt sharing all those viral memes and asking all those questions which individuals are asking. The question about soda water showed how good his research was! i really like Ahmed Ali But as a number , he's not only witty but he's always well prepared. i might like to hear from everyone here what their expectations are from the ending. I even have no clue what's coming our way but this ending definitely jogs my memory of the way all folks looked forward to Dillagi’s ending. things during this drama however is way more complicated.

Is Mere Pass Tum Ho Last Episode Review well worth the Hype?

Whether Mere Pass Tum Ho Last Episode Review is well worth the hype or not is debatable but the eye this drama got is certainly unmatched. it might even be unfair to mention that Mere Pass Tum Ho Last Episode Review was just another story about betrayal because for the primary time the viewers need to see a person ’s perspective in such detail – what a man goes through when he's hurt and betrayed. The team Mere Pass Tum Ho Last Episode Review definitely succeeded in getting that message across. Like every other drama written by Khalil-ur-Rehman Qamar this one too had quite few dialogues which the viewers loved et al. which were considered regressive by viewers who don't accept as true with the writer’s philosophy. Nadeem Baig deserves all the praise and definitely a gift for the magic woven by him on-screen. Even when the primary few episodes of Mere Pass Tum Ho Last Episode Review didn't work on behalf of me in the least , I always noticed and appreciated the beautifully rendered details which created the proper atmosphere for each situation. it had been good to ascertain Khalil-ur-Rehman Qamar showering Nadeem Baig with all the praise because he surely deserves it.



The stellar performances by Humayun Saeed and Adnan Siddiqui especially added to the general appeal of this drama. Last but not the smallest amount the author managed to form a somewhat familiar story extremely powerful. Technically too this drama had no glaring flaws. there have been times when the story was lethargic and repetitive except for the foremost part Mere Pass Tum Ho Last Episode Review managed to entertain the viewers with quite few unexpected twists and turns. a number of the emotional scenes will stick with us for a very while . i'm hoping to ascertain an ending which can truly make Mere Pass Tum Ho Last Episode Review memorable.

Final Remarks

I must say that after a very while i'm truly looking forward to the last episode of a drama. Although initially I felt that the thought of a special show might just increase the hype and zip else but this show was actually like spending two hours with the people that entertained us for therefore many weeks. the great thing about this show was that everybody was included in it and only those actors were missing who couldn’t make it to the show. Shees may be a witty child, he actually left Ahmed Ali Butt speechless.

I must say however that Humayun Saeed has been brilliant as Danish but he seemed quite distant during this interview although he's the producer also . Ayeza Khan looked stunning and that i enjoyed her remarks and presence within the show. But this is often definitely not the primary time that she is playing a negative/grey character, she recently played three such characters in Yaariyan, Tau Dil Ka Kya Hua and even in Mohabbat Tumse Nafrat Ho. it's funny how everyone was cautious while lecture Khalil-ur-Rehman Qamar but even then Ahmed Butt managed to ask him quite few interesting questions. Nadeem Baig may be a gem needless to say .



Am I the sole one who feels that the producers try really hard to sell us the ‘Hania/Danish’ couple. Hira Mani and Humayun Saeed also shared screen space during a commercial and somehow the on-screen chemistry is simply not there. Am I the sole one who feels that way? aside from the very fact that Hania and Danish just didn't get enough screen time together, the actors too don't have great on-screen chemistry.


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