Medical Anatomy Apps that I Use

Medical study is being tuff for decades but using some smart and cool apps designed by doctors engineers and It experts  I have mad my medical study more fun and Easy. Here are the Anatomy and physiology apps I use for my study.

1.Visible Body Virtual Dissector

Anatomy & Physiology Revealed is the ultimate interactive cadaver dissection experience. This state-of-the-art program uses cadaver photos combined with a layering technique that allows the student to peel away layers of the human body to reveal structures beneath the surface. Anatomy & Physiology Revealed also offers animations, histologic and radiologic imaging, audio pronunciations, and comprehensive quizzing. It can be used as part of anyone or two-semester undergraduate anatomy & physiology or human anatomy course; Anatomy & Physiology Revealed is available stand-alone or can be combined with any McGraw-Hill Book.


·         3D cadaver Dissector with real-time Experience.

·         Detailed Images of Cadaver with Labels and Descriptions

·         Animation of Anatomy and Physiology

·         Histology Slides and Radiology Images.

·         Auto Pronunciation and Comprehensive Quizzes


·         Real-Time Human, Cat and Pig Cadaver.



2. Practice Anatomy Lab

Practice Anatomy Lab is a unique lab study tool that gives you access 24/7 to a full range of actual anatomy lab specimens. It is also a Virtual Cadaver Experience bit with Human it also offers Cat and Pig Cadaver. It is also available with e Person books and other online Access


·         3D Cadaver Dissector

·         Detailed Images of Cadaver with Labels and Descriptions

·         3D images from different angles

·         Smart Photo Gallery

·         Quiz and Lab Practice

·         Fully interactive Anatomical Models with labels and Description including all body Systems

·         Histology slides with interactive labels and zoom in and out option

·         Images of Sheep organs and cow eyes

·         3D animations of different body parts with Videos



3.Voxel man Based on Visible Human Project            

VOXEL-MAN 30-Navigator: Inner Organ is a new kind of anatomical and radiological atlas. It is novel in at least two respects:

•          Unlike books or traditional multimedia programs, it allows interactive exploration of a detailed three-dimensional anatomical model. Each structure is labeled and described, and can thus be interrogated directly on the screen. The advantages of dealing with real anatomy are thus combined with the advantages of learning from a book (associated knowledge).

•          Unlike traditional sources of knowledge, VOXEL-MAN 3D-Navigator presents the radiological manifestation of normal anatomy in the context of three-dimensional anatomy. It thus decisively improves the understanding of both X-ray and cross-sectional radiological images.


·         The program is based on a high-resolution realistic body model based on the cross-sectional images of the Visible Human. It contains about 650 three-dimensional anatomical objects, most of the thorax and the abdomen, including nervous and cardiovascular systems.

·         These may be interactively exported and dissected in 19 interactive scenes. 8 of them are additionally available in stereoscopic (red/green) format.

·         The anatomical nomenclature is available in Latin, English, and German, and a manual is available in English and German.

·         The integrated knowledge base allows the interrogation of the model from the viewpoints of regional and systemic anatomy as well as concerning the relation to the peritoneal cavity.

·         Using the mouse, the scene may be rotated, and objects may be added or removed. Furthermore, anatomical objects may be marked, searched for, painted, annotated, or described. Anatomical objects to be manipulated may also be selected from an object list. A textual instruction illustrates the possibilities available for the chosen scene.

·         The radiological manifestation of the organs can be viewed in the context of 3D anatomy. This includes simulated X-ray images where organs may also be highlighted, as well as cross-sectional images from the anatomy and CT.

·         Stereoscopic viewing is available for the key scenes - you can virtually see the objects coming out of your screen! Use red/green stereo glasses.

·         The program provides unique reference material not only for medical students, but also for professionals in all medical disciplines involving anatomy and radiology. However, also interested non-specialists can explore the inner structure of the human body using the 3D-Navigator.

Package includes

1.      3d navigator Brain and Skull

2.      3d navigator Upper limb

3.      3d navigator Internal Organs

4.      3d navigator Lower limbs

5.      Arm head and internal organs of Visible Human

6.      Virtual Mummy

7.      The Visible Dog


Full Article on Voxel Project and Visible Human Project coming Soon.








4.Interactive Physiology(IP)

Since 1995, students have been using the award-winning Interactive Physiology to help them succeed in A&P.

Interactive Physiology will give you the help you need to grasp some of the most difficult concepts in A&P. This award-winning tutorial system features ten modules containing in-depth, fully-narrated, animated tutorials and engaging quizzes covering key physiological processes and concepts. Interactive Physiology is a highly effective program that provides the tools you need to advance beyond simple memorization to a genuine understanding of the most difficult concepts in A&P.


·         Anatomy of all Systems

·         Videos of different Physiology topics in detail

·         Worksheets PDFs and Doc files

·         Easy to use interface

·         Quiz’s


5. Complete Human Anatomy Primal 3D Interactive Series

This is one of the most powerful Anatomy and Physiology app for its time. Although it is now only available for old operating systems like XP, Server, etc. but it offers powerful material and all in one platform.


·         Explain injuries, conditions and treatments more effectively with this accurate visual tool.

·         Aid your interpretation of MR by comparing the 3D model with MR slices in three planes.

·         Save time when you have this vast image resource for presentations, handouts, etc.

·         Make teaching and learning enjoyable!

·         Includes dissection slides and Pathology Slides with detailed Text


Includes 9 CD-ROMs:


·              Interactive Hand

·              Interactive Pelvis: Male & Female

·              Interactive Foot & Ankle

·              Interactive Head and Neck

·              Interactive Hip

·              Interactive Knee 1.1

·              Interactive Spine

·              Interactive Shoulder

·              Interactive Thorax & Abdomen

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