Making Money on Shutterstock

Making Money on Shutterstock

Looking for a Shutterstock money making guide? Here is a complete guide.

Making money on shutterstock

Shutterstock is a great place for buyers and sellers to buy and sell photos. It is a paid platform for photographers. Clients select or choose photos, and a good price is paid for each photo.

After creating an account, users can choose between a monthly or annual Shutterstock subscription. giving them access to a huge photo library with 750 images per month. On-demand packages support it. where users can choose images and pay for them individually.

Making money on Shutterstock is simple when you understand the platform. This can be profitable over time for those who enjoy taking random photos to capture the moment. Contributors to Shutterstock receive a percentage of each photo licensed by Shutterstock. The percentage can range from 15% to 40% with 6 levels, giving photographers a good income.

Your percentage for photos will likely increase as more photos are downloaded or purchased from your image library by clients, giving you a good price share on each photo.

Shutterstock Earnings

Making Money on Shutterstock

To help you make money on Shutterstock, we have shared some simple tips below.

Shutterstock Requirements

Try to capture and upload images that make you wonder, “Can I see this image being used by anyone?” Keep in mind a location or point where that image can be used to attract clients.

Find a Specified Area in Photos.

The most successful photos are those that focus on a specific area and use high tones to attract the client's attention. Clients will overlook your photograph if it lacks a good background.

If you want to sell your photos, you must use Shutterstock's standards. Images that are clear and clean tend to sell quickly and well. This will keep your clients coming back for more.

Learn More Tricks and Tips

The Shutterstock platform has a great blog for new users who want to make money selling photos. The blog helps you learn the basics and develop skills so you can progress. This is a great place to learn new tricks and earn more money by using Shutterstock.

Become a better photographer

Always try to shoot something new or different. In addition to learning about outdoor and indoor photography, you will gain experience with low light and daylight photography. After gaining some knowledge and skills, you can learn to edit your photos to match the moment. Clients notice this when the photograph is polished and edited to shine more.

Create your own editing style to improve your skills and work according to market demand. After uploading your work, you can track your progress on Shutterstock by visiting your contributor profile.


This was a simple Shutterstock money making guide. Contact the official source or leave a comment below.


What sells best on Shutterstock?

Portraits, food, landscapes, and fine art photography are among the most popular Shutterstock photos.

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