Online Airline Ticket Reservation System

Domain / Category of the Project
Web-based Software
Airline ticket reservations can be made using the “Online Air-Travelling Reservation System,” a web-based application. Customers can pick up their tickets from the customer service office after making a reservation.


  1. The person in charge (Admin)

2. The person who works at the front desk (Front Desk Officer)

3. a potential buyer (Buyer)

Requirements for the application’s functionality
1. The information about fares, locations of origin and destinations, and flight routes can be viewed by the user.
2. To reserve a ticket, the user must first create an account. An individual has now been promoted in this system as a potential buyer after signing up.
3. A customer can make a reservation for a ticket by going online. Customers who make reservations can pick up their tickets from the customer service office after they’ve made their selections.
4. The front desk officer sets the ticket status to “Ticket Received” after collecting tickets from the office.
5. In order to cancel a ticket, the purchaser must go to the box office and request that the ticket is cancelled.
For online ticket cancellation and refunds, this system can be enhanced in the future.)

1. Organizes and maintains airline schedules, ticket prices, and other pertinent data.
2. System reports are generated, and activities related to the system are carried out.

Front desk officer:
1. Views and confirms the buyer’s information
2. provides tickets to customers and collects payment from them
3. The buyer’s status is changed to “Ticket Delivered” when this happens.
[NOTE: Students have the option of adding or enhancing requirements based on their individual circumstances.]
Web server, PHP, MySQL, and HTML editors (Dreamviewer and Notepad++) are some of the tools you will need.
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