KGF 2 Box Office Collection in 50 Days: Yash And Prashanth Neel Break Industry Records!

KGF 2 Box Office Collection in 50 Days: Yash And Prashanth Neel Break Industry Records!

KGF: Chapter 2, the most costly Kannada film ever filmed, has set tremendous records over the world. The film swept the country, putting the Kannada Film Industry on the map.

The film launched both the director and the actor to new heights. With a cast drawn from all major Indian film industries, the film succeeded in creating a pan-India project. Officially, the film is the third highest-grossing Indian film of all time.

KGF: Chapter 2 not only made a fortune for its creators, but it also set a record with its nonstop 50-day theatrical run. KGF: Chapter 2 is a historical action-drama about an orphaned youngster who goes from poverty to riches. His promise to his mother serves as the film's emotional backbone, even in the opening chapter.

kgf chapter 2

The youngster grows up to become the face of Kolar Gold Fields, gaining the affection and trust of the company's sentenced employees. The essence of the film is how the protagonist maintains his superiority by conquering the obstacles he faces.

The box office territorial breakdown for KGF: Chapter 2 is as follows:
AP/TS - Rs. 150 crores
Karnataka - Rs. 171.50 crores
Tamil Nadu - Rs. 109.70 crores
Kerala - Rs. 66.10 crores
North India - Rs. 494.30 crores
India - Rs. 991.60 crores
North America - $7.45 million
Middle East - $8.13 million
Australia - $2.53 million
New Zealand - $0.43 million
Malaysia - $2.45 million
Singapore - $0.90 million
Nepal - $1.05 million
Rest of Asia - $0.65 million
UK - $1.46 million
Europe - $1.50 million
Rest of World - $0.50 million
Overseas - $27.05 million / Rs. 206.60 crores
Worldwide - Rs. 1198.20 crores

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