Is Pakistan a Safe Place to Visit?

Is Pakistan a Safe Place to Visit?

Traveling to Pakistan is not as dangerous as previously thought, as evidenced by current events. Most of the time, the international media's depiction of chaos in Pakistan is unfounded. There are over 220 million people living there. Everything that happens among these 220+ million people is covered by the media, and the issue is addressed and brought to light in countries all over the world. Because fact and fiction are mixed together, the news is dubbed "Faction."

For the sake of clarity, let's get more specific:

Who knows why Pakistan is suddenly getting a lot of press and becoming a hot topic? Pakistan has carved out a niche for itself in international forums because of its strategic location and political importance. Right-wing nations want Pakistan to be prominent in their discourse. Western countries make up the majority of right-leaning nations. Death is on the way! Either with a bomb or while lying in bed sleeping. When it comes to crime and violence, only one country can be compared to Pakistan: the United States.

Crime ration in pakistan

Crime ration in pakistan

These are the homicide figures for the current year, which is 2019. According to the report, Pakistan's overall crime rate lags far behind that of the United States. For a final thought, consider Pakistan from some previously unseen angles. Let's take a look at Karachi as an example of a global city.


Karachi is a crossroads for all of Pakistan's cultures. It's possible to see the wide range of regional cultures represented here. With a population of over 22 million, it is one of the world's most populous cities. Crime growth in Karachi is lower than in New York City if we look at historical data. So, how come Pakistan is included in the "unsafe" regions list? Karachi's nightlife is legendary throughout Pakistan.

Karachi Pakistan

In 2021 and beyond, there are numerous locations in Pakistan where travelers can travel without fear.


Skardu is a mountainous region at a height of 2500 meters in the Russian Federation (8,202 ft.). Gilgit Baltistan's capital city, Skardu, is also known as Gilgit Baltistan's most beautiful city, Skardu. Skardu Valley, at the confluence of the Indus and Shigar rivers, is home to this city. It is a well-known tourist destination because of its scenic and natural splendor. Its summit beckons hikers to embark on an adventurous journey around the area, and for those who relish the idea of camping in subzero temperatures, this location is ideal. The lowest temperature ever recorded in the year 2019 was -21 degrees Celsius. Come here if you want to go ice fishing on one of the many frozen lakes in the area.

Skardu Pakistan


This area of Pakistan is referred to as Swat as a "mini Switzerland". Pathans make up the vast majority of the population, and the best thing about Swat is their hospitality. They do everything they can to make their guests feel at ease. If you're looking for a place to unwind and find harmony, head to the breathtaking Darya e Swat. It had the innocence of a newborn baby about it.

Swat Travel

In addition to the COVID-19 pandemic, theft and robbery are occasionally common occurrences in Pakistan's larger and smaller towns and cities. Leaving that out of the equation, we now have a more complete picture of Pakistan's situation.

Pakistan is a welcoming nation.

Pakistanis are excellent hosts for visitors from around the world. Especially if they realize you're a foreigner, they will serve traditional dishes and give you a souvenir such as a piece of art or cloth from their culture as a souvenir. For example, if you visit Sindh, you will be given Ajrak, a traditional Sindhi cloth.

The milk and yogurt shake with bread and butter may be served to guests in rural Punjab. If you travel to Pakistan's northern valleys, you will discover an abundance of dried and juicy fruits. Pakistan's capital city is Lahore. History and monuments from before Pakistan's formation can be found here. The best part of visiting Lahore is sampling the city's street food and meeting new people. There is no better group of people to meet in Lahore than these.

Because of the cold and snow in the north, you may find yourself participating in various winter sports such as skiing, ice hockey, and ice skating, as well as fishing.

As a result, the notion that Pakistan is a war zone or otherwise unstable is unfounded. There aren't 220 million people who live here in a state of agitation and discontent. It's a safe country, guarded by the world's fifth-best military against both internal and external threats. There is no longer a war on terror in Pakistan, despite the dire economic conditions. People here continue to survive, go about their daily routines, run their businesses, get married, and so on.

Those planning to visit Pakistan from afar will find a slew of resources, including travel agencies, guides, and fellow tourists, to assist them in their exploration of the country.

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