Iqbal Day Quotes, Wishes, Status & Captions 2021

Iqbal Day Quotes, Wishes, Status & Captions 2021

The 9th of November is a national holiday in Pakistan to honour our national poet Allama Iqbal. In 2021, Iqbal Day Quotes and Wishes in Urdu Best Instagram captions on Allam Iqbal Day. Transform this day by sending inspiring Iqbal Day greetings.

Happy Allama Iqbal Day!

“Know your value and work hard to obtain it. a dewdrop into an ocean Don't ask the moon for illumination, get it from inside. “Iqbal Day.”

“Iqbal was a brilliant guy who offered us the Pakistani philosophy and a route to liberation. Happy Iqbal Day!”

“Allama Iqbal was a superb poet. His literary legacy will endure. “Iqbal Day.”

“His dream inspires the country. Happy Iqbal Day!”

Iqbal Day Quotes

“Nations are born in poets' hearts, thrive and perish in Politics' hands.”

“Tiny acts of kindness, little words of love, contribute to make earth pleasant like paradise above.”

Personal knowledge is one source of human knowledge.

“Humans are driven by emotion and instinct.”

“The ego's ultimate goal is not to see, but to be.”

“Words without strength are philosophies.”


Ishq-e-Sultan k Gumband Per

Baseera Ker Paharow Ki Chitanow Per


“Diyar e Ishq mein apna

Subha Sham Peda Ker”


“Us Qoam ko Shamsher ki

Khudi Surat e Folad”


“Shaheen Kabhi Pervaz Se

To Nhe Khatra e Iftaad”


Iqbal apne Kerdar pe Daal

Her Shahkash Kah Raha Hai”


“Tu Shaheen, Perwaz Hai”

Aur Bhi Hain Tere Samne”


“Vohi Jahan Mein Ache

Hain jo dusrow ke”

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