Instant video captions are now available on Twitter.

Instant video captions are now available on Twitter.

Since Twitter's CEO was replaced, we've seen a steady stream of announcements about new features. For the first time ever, the company has developed an extremely helpful feature: automatic video captions. For the past few days, the platform has been working tirelessly to make life easier for its users, and this caption feature is the most useful of them all. One of the best features of Twittеr is the automated video captioning option.

In a tweet, Twitter announced the formal introduction of this new service function. The automated video captions feature is now available on Android, iOS, and Twitter's website.



In other words, when a video is mute, the app will automatically generate closed-captioning for both Android and iOS devices. The "CC" button in the video player will allow Twitter users to access the video's subtitles. To turn off the subtitles, you can use the same button.

They'll be offered in a total of 30 languages ranging from English to Chinese to Hindi. These languages are currently not supported, but the company may add them in the near future.

As a result, these captions will only be available for future uploads, not earlier ones.

Is this functionality available to you? If that doesn't work, give it a few more days.

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