INSANE Fact About Firdous Jamal: Find Out Now!

INSANE Fact About Firdous Jamal: Find Out Now!

Ace in the Entertainment and Film Industry On popular morning show Good Morning Pakistan, actor Firdous Jamal recently opened up about his personal life and revealed what he gets up to at home.

The shocking truth about Nida's contribution at home was revealed when Nida asked his son Bazil an intriguing question.
Do you help around the house?" Nida inquired.
When his son Bazil brought it up, he said, "Yes, he helps."
Jamal went on to say, "sometimes I cook for them, and it's really good food" Firdous Jamal

firdous jamal

It was revealed later on by Bazil's son that his father now even prepares breakfast and other meals for the family.
Interestingly enough, Firdous Jamal has also admitted that he frequently washes dishes.

'How did this change in his personality come about?' Nida inquired.

Well, he has time these days due to working in gaps and not being on set all the time, so he makes sure to take part as much as possible, according to Bazil.

Jamal claimed to be moody, so when he's in the right frame of mind he does all the housework, but when he's on set, he transforms into a completely different person.
According to him, he does these small things to help out around the house.
Watch some video to see what I mean.

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