How to use Hyperlink Function in MS Excel?

How to use Hyperlink Function in MS Excel?

An Excel spreadsheet is an excellent tool for keeping track of a big quantity of information. This is when Excel's Hyperlink tool comes in handy. You will learn what a hyperlink is in this tutorial. Excel doesn't have a hyperlink feature; where can you locate it? In Excel, how do you make a hyperlink?

Excel shortcut for creating a hyperlink. To navigate from one website to another on the internet, click on a hyperlink.

What is Hyperlink function in MS Excel?

By simply clicking on the link, the user can access the desired point in the document or web page. It is easy to spot hyperlinks in Excel since they are marked with the colour blue and underlined. It is possible to open another page by clicking on a hyperlink in a document. It may be a URL, an email address, or even a picture. It's up to you.

How Hyperlinks are used in Excel?

To accomplish the following tasks, hyperlinks are employed:


Step1: The first step is to find a file or webpage on the web.

Step2: Please provide your email address.

Step3: The third step is to start a fresh document.

Step4: Go to a certain place in the workbook using the arrow keys on your keyboard.

Excel Shortcut key to Open Hyperlink Dialog Box-

Using the shortcut key CTRL + K, you may access the hyperlink dialogue box. The hyperlink dialogue box will appear in front of you if you press this shortcut key. Text to show, where the text should be linked, and so on are some of the questions that will be asked by this tool.

How to find Hyperlink in MS Excel?

This function key in Excel may be found in two places.

When you touch the right mouse button and pick hyperlink, you'll go to the first step.

It's in the Insert ribbon link group at the second spot.

How to Remove Hyperlink in MS Excel?

Right-clicking on the mouse with the option to delete the hyperlink is all that is needed to remove a hyperlink from an Excel sheet.

How to Create Hyperlink in MS Excel?

You may build a hyperlink in Excel by following these steps:

Step 1: Select the cell you wish to connect to from the drop-down menu that appears.


Step 2: In order to go to the Insert hyperlink dialogue box, you may either right-click or enter the shortcut.

Step 3: Using the text to show, enter the text you wish to display. Afterwards, choose the link address option.


The different options to define your link address are explained in detail below:

A file or web page can be linked to by selecting it or by typing its email address into a web browser.


The second method for defining your link is to insert it within the document you are currently working on. This option lets you choose a worksheet and asks for the cell's address.


It's also possible to link it to a different document. When you select this option, a new document will be created and you will be prompted to name and locate it. Press OK once you've entered all of your information.


Lastly, you may include an email address as a point of contact. With this option, you can either type in the email address you want to use or choose from a list of previously used addresses.


Hyperlink Shape in MS Excel

Excel makes it simple to create a hyperlink form. You learned how to make a hyperlink form in the video.


Here are the steps of creating hyperlink shapes:


Step 1: Select the shapes button on the Insert tab.


Step 2: Decide on the desired form.


In the third step, right-click and select "edit text," then type in the text you want to use. You have complete control over how your content is formatted.


Using the shortcut key Ctrl + k or right-clicking on the mouse, choose the option to delete.


Select where you want to link to, whether it's in the same document, a new document or email address.


Finally, press the "OK" button. To activate the form, push outside the shape.


By now, clicking the form will send you to your desired destination when you've completed Step 7.



You'll learn how to construct a hyperlink, how to remove a hyperlink, and more with the aid of this lesson. VBA may also be used to construct hyperlinks.

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