How to use Freeze Panes in MS Excel?

How to use Freeze Panes in MS Excel?

Excel's frozen panes will be explained in detail in this lesson. To compare data in the spreadsheet, we have to deal with a lot of data. Freeze Panes is one of the capabilities in Excel that make it simpler to see the material.

When we scroll down, the header disappears from view. The panes are frozen so that we can compare and analyse the data. This happens when we scroll horizontally, thus to avoid this we freeze a column in the spreadsheet.

How to Freeze Top Row in MS Excel?

Excel's Freeze panes may be used for three different purposes. Excel's Freeze Panes feature has a function called Freeze Top Row.

Excel's top row is frozen in this example. You can see it at the top of the screen since Row 1 is frozen, and if you move your spreadsheet down, the top row won't shift. In certain cases, the header does not have to be the first row in the spreadsheet. There's no use in using this method if you don't have a heading in the first row.

The first row must be frozen by selecting the second row and selecting freeze.

How to Freeze first Columns in MS Excel?

You may use this function in Excel if you only want to freeze the first column. It is possible to slide horizontally in the Excel spreadsheet after selecting this instruction.

You must choose the second column and then freeze the first column in order to freeze the first column.

How to Freeze both Column and Row Together in MS Excel?

In order to freeze both rows and columns, you must do it simultaneously. You must choose A3 and then freeze pane if you wish to liberate the first two rows of the spreadsheet. Column B may be frozen by selecting it and then clicking on the freeze pane option. In this manner, you may freeze both rows and columns simultaneously.

To freeze both rows and columns, you must choose a cell that intersects both rows and columns and then click the freeze pane button. Other than freezing the top row and freezing the first column, this is the most often utilised feature.

How to You Unfreeze the Freeze Panes in MS Excel?

There is an option to unfreeze a frozen pane in Freeze Panes. All the panes that you have previously frozen will be unfrozen. This will restore your data to its pre-freeze pane state.

Where do you find the Freeze panes function in Excel?

To use the freeze pane feature, go to the VIEW tab > Window group > freeze tab and click the freeze button. There are three choices to freeze the window when you click on the drop-down menu. To freeze a row or column, select the option

MS Excel Shortcut keys for Freeze Panes

To freeze a pane, there is no shortcut. To freeze the pane, however, you must perform the following steps:


The first step is to press Alt to bring up the tabs.

Open the view ribbon by pressing W.

Press F to bring up the frozen pane menu.

When you've made your selection, hit Enter.


We must remember that while printing the worksheet, freezing the windows has no effect. It's only for looking at in the spreadsheet. The scrolling and data display are both improved as a result of this feature. This function comes in handy when the spreadsheet has a big number of tables, as seen in the video.

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