How to Show the Last Modified Date in Blogger ?

How to Show the Last Modified Date in Blogger ?

Many individuals use Blogger for a variety of purposes. There are those who use it for blogs, while there are others who use it for business. It's common to have to make changes to a post or story after it's been published. Let your readers know when your content was last amended or updated with the help of the instructions in this article. We'll show you how to display the date your post was last updated in Blogger.

Why to Display Last Modified or Updated Date in Your Posts:

After publishing a piece on June 19, 2016, you find out five days later that the story has been updated. In order to see when the article was last amended or updated, you can just edit it.

If a story is out of date, readers don't want to read it. In this way, showing the date when a page was last edited gives your website more legitimacy. Google search crawlers benefit from it as well as the search engine's overall ranks.

How to Display Last Modified Date of Your Posts:

The methods to show last changed date in your articles in blogger is really simple and you do not need to edit any scripts of your Blogger Template either. To alter last modified date in Blogger, perform the below methods as they are mentioned:

step 1: Begin by clicking on "Posts" and then "Edit" (it depends upon you which post you want to edit, or which post you wish to change the last modified date).

step 2: On the right hand side of your screen, click on Published On.

Blogger Mofified Time 1

step 3: To view a calendar, click on the option that says Set date and time.

Blogger Mofified Time 3

step 4: Changing the date of your post is now possible. The choice is yours: whether to use the current date or a future one. It's completely up to you. Once you've chosen a date, press the Done button.

step 5: On the top of the page, press the Update button.

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