How to Remove Drop Down list in MS Excel?


How to Remove Drop Down list in MS Excel?

Everyone, welcome! In this lesson, we'll show you how to remove a drop-down menu, and we hope you find it useful. We're going to address a question in this tutorial of Excel Superstar. E-mails from our Excel gurus on how to remove the dropdown list have been flooding in. As a result, we've chosen to respond to the question.

We demonstrated how to make a drop-down list in one of our lessons, which is properly known as a Data Validation list. Let's sum it up, or if you'd like, you may review it.


The following procedures must be done to create a data validation list:

  • Create a drop-down list by selecting a cell.
  • Go to the ribbon and choose the 'data' option.
  • The "Data Validation" button may be found on the "data" tab. go to the link
  • As soon as you click on the "Settings" page, you'll see the "Validation Criteria" section.
  • The "validation criteria" section now includes a term called "Allow," which is set to "Any value" by default. Any value, be it numeric or textual, is permissible in that cell.
  • There is a drop-down menu for the phrase "Allow." Selecting the "List" option from the drop-down list means the cell will only take a value that is listed in the drop-down menu
  • Upon selecting the "List" option, a new term named "Source" with a text box will appear below the "Allow" term. The box user must input the value from the drop-down list in this text.
  • This procedure is complete when a user provides a value that is different from the one listed in the list and it will throw an error.
  • A drop-down menu of your choosing may be generated in this manner.

Despite the fact that we have a drop-down list, a query was posed of our Excel Superstar gurus. But how can you get rid of it? Drop-down lists may be removed in two ways. The first is to simply reverse the steps taken to create the list in the first place.

  • Activate the "Data" tab on the ribbon
  • Then choose "Data Validation."
  • Set the "Allow" term value to the default of "Any value" from the "Validation Criteria"

The drop-down menu will be removed as a result of this procedure. However, it is a time-consuming and difficult undertaking. You'll also learn how to delete Drop from the list using a trickier approach, although it only takes two steps. Remove the drop-down list by following these magic instructions.

  • Select a blank cell and “copy” it
  • “Paste” it into the drop-down list cell


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