How to keep your smartphone cool when overheating

How to keep your smartphone cool when overheating


There have been times when our phones have overheated and we assumed it was the sun or a problem with the battery. To put it another way, when your phone gets too hot, it's difficult to take pictures, use apps, or even navigate around unfamiliar regions.

Despite these issues, there are ways to limit the amount of heat generated. Just the dos and don'ts will be the subject of this how-to essay. The number of times your smartphone overheats is directly proportional to how much you use it.

Remove the case

If you use a phone case, keep in mind that the case also functions as an insulator, trapping heat within the phone and causing it to overheat accidentally.

Hence, removing the case from time to time is advised in order for heat to be dissipated efficiently, especially if you are at home and not travelling.

Tweak your phone settings

How much processing power you put on your phone is directly related to the settings you have on it. The first step is to lower the screen brightness till you can see the screen clearly, or disable adaptive brightness from time to time.

Turn off your data or try to switch to Wi-Fi as soon as you see your phone heating up. In gaming smartphones, you'll find an 'overclocked mode,' which increases the phone's performance while gaming. This mode should be disabled because it uses a lot of power, regardless of the phone's specs.

Do not push your phone to the limit

Even if your phone has top-of-the-line specs, it can still get hot to the touch like any other electronic item. Avoid playing hard games, editing films or images, or constantly plugging in your phone to its charger if you notice that the temperature in your area is too high.

If you must charge your phone, look for an interesting place to put it.

Don’t force a cool down

You may try to be the tech expert when you realize your phone is getting warm and experiment with cooling methods, but you run the risk of doing more harm than good.

Don't try to submerge your phone in water or run it under a faucet, even if it has IP68 water resistance. Do not store your phone in the fridge or freezer since the rapid cooling may lead to condensation, which will damage your phone and battery in the long term.

Try using a phone cooler

One type of 'laptop cooler' that you may be familiar with is the one equipped with ventilation spaces and cooling fans. Similarly, if you're a smartphone player who relies on heat sink technology, there are coolers for your phone.

You may find them in any online or physical store, but pay attention to the cooler's size, since it must match the size of your phone.

Do not use your phone under the sun

You should avoid using your phone under the sun if it's a hot day and you've just started using one app. This could cause your phone to overheat faster or perhaps cause it. As a result, it's preferable to use your gadget in a cool, shaded location than grilling it.

As a result, please tell us in the comments how these strategies worked for you. However, if none of these approaches work, we suggest contacting the customer support team for your device.

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