How to get 1000 Subscribers in one day from one video

How to get 1000 Subscribers in one day from one video

Fame on youtube is not that much hard as people think about it, but what is hard is the content creation for the youtube channel and consistency which is to upload content about your youtube channel topic daily. So if you want to be famous on youtube then you have to start creating quality content and create it on daily basis. This is just one year struggle then enjoy. 

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1. Content Selection for youtube channel:

So this is the amazing and most important part of your fame on youtube. So you have to clear in your mind ask the below questions from yourself and write down its answers.

1. what type of content are you creating?

2. Who is your audience?

3. Are you doing it as well as doing others?

So first of all select your content type. The most famous Youtube channel ideas nowadays are 

1. Gaming Youtube channels

2. Food Recipes / Street Foods Youtube Channels

3. Daily Routine Youtube Channels

4. Vlogs Youtube Channels

5. Education Youtube Channels


2. Work for your audience not for money (Revenue)

This is a little strange because every YouTuber work for money, not for peoples / Audience. But listen first as, I am talking about money, because when your audience loves your work then you will earn more money than usual. So work hard for your audience. Create content that loves your audience, because your audience is everything for you. 


3. Breakdown Bigs goals into small Goals

Divide Big goals as like the goal of achieving 1000 subscribers into small goals which are 

1. 100 Subscribers Goal

2. 250 Subscribers Goal

3. 500 Subscribers Goal

4. 1000 Subscribers Goal

When you divide the big goals into small ones then you will deal with your job easily and achieve your goal in the short term of time.


4. Content is the king / Content that loves your audience Double it down.

This is the technique in which you have to observe the content which got the most love from your audience. So that is the main idea for you to double that content and create more and more videos on that content. 


5. Create an amazing youtube channel trailer

The trailer of the youtube channel is the main part from where your audience knows the main theme of your channel and follows your channel for more videos. To create an eye-catching trailer for your youtube channel get some ideas from more youtube channels. 


#Shorts the great Shorts Videos the most Views and Subs you will gain

Shorts on youtube is the greatest way of fame in the short term of time. You can get a lot of fame, View, and subscribers in just one day through shorts videos. So daily upload 3 or more shorts videos on amazing content. I will show you one of my own channel examples in which one of the short videos gets more than 200k views and more than 550 subscribers in just one day.

Check in the below screenshot that video got more than 550 Subscribers in just one day. So it's easy to gain subscribers nowadays just hard work is mandatory.

#Shorts legend riyan

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